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Welcome to Truefans Giants recap page.  My name is Mark Harris and I think of myself as not so much a journalist as I am the epitome of a true fan.  Over the course of my lifetime I have been employed almost exclusively in the service industry.  I was blessed to have a father who was a bell hop on the Hawaiian islands as a young man.  So he knew that, for a young man, working as a service provider was a pretty good income compared to most of the alternatives available.  Maybe because of that I worked in a few restaurants locally before serving a term in the United States Marine Corps.  I was a good physical specimen, but a career as a marine was not the right fit for me.  Since leaving the Marines I have worked in two locations, with a few side jobs thrown in, for the past 31 years.  The only reason the number is two is because the first one, Strawberry Joe's, had a fire and never re-opened.  I have been at a wonderful Italian restaurant, La Ginestra in Mill Valley, ever since that fire in 1999.  While I had skills that made me well suited to the job, I was never left with the feeling that this was what I was SUPPOSED to be doing.  As I write these pages for you, and live out the actions I have spelled out on our homepage,  I am beginning to feel I have found my calling.  I apologize for rambling on.  This is supposed to be a Giants recap page, so without further adieu, let's get to the games.

  Truefans Giants Recap update:
  We are suspended.  
  For superstitious reasons,  
  and to focus on the real goal.  
  The Truefan Foundation. 

I had every intent of writing my updates daily.  But I have a problem.  When I was doing a daily page for each game the Giants were winning.  When I started this page the Giants had lost one game in what would become an 8 game losing streak.  After game 6 I threatened to not write a recap if they didn't win.  But what would turn into game 7 of the streak was so inspiring in the way the Giants tried to comeback, that I was sucked in and HAD to write a recap.  At the end of that recap, however I made a guarantee that if they lost I would give no recap.  The next game was Friday, April 17th.  I posted the final score and a link to the box score, nothing more.  The next game was a victory and I thought the luck was back with the Giants.  But that Sunday game was a loss as well.  So without prompting or warning, no recap.  The Dodgers came to town.  The first game of the series was a Giants victory. 

Now the problem I have is that I have recognized a pattern.  When I write the daily recap, the Giants have lost.  When I write nothing, victory.  Thus this is not a recap of today's game.  It is my explanation for ceasing the recaps.  The reason I must suspend the Truefan Giants recap is due to these facts.  The fact that I may well have stretched myself a little too thin is a very valid thought also.  So I am saddened to go on hiatus from the Truefan Giants recap.  Because I was truly enjoying playing the role of journalist.  I am, however, resolved to the fact that I should be focusing on going into the schools and finding the children I want to help.  Early in the season is when I should be making the contacts anyway.  Establishing connections this year will give the Foundation a base for next year.  Even if I can't help your class this year, the limited assets we have for this year will be put to good use and will no doubt inspire others to help for the future.  So I leave you with good thoughts Giants fans and rest assured I will be giving you something on these pages, otherwise how could I justify my traffic.

  Truefans Giants Recap for April 18th  

The Giants need to thank their lucky stars that Chris Heston has been on the staff to start the season.  He has been the Giants best starter so far in the young season.  The Giants were given their 2014 World Series rings before the game in a fantastic ceremony.  I think that ceremony had a lot to do with the Giants mood going into the game.  They didn't play like a team on an 8 game losing streak. 

Chris Heston is the 1st pitcher since 1914 to go 6+ innings w/1 ER or less in his 1st 3 starts as a rookie

For the game Heston posted a line of 7 2/3 with 5 hit and 1 walk.  The only run he gave up came on a David Peralta solo shot in the 4th.  Heston tops out at around 91MPH, but speed isn't the key for him.  I heard Heston in a post game interview and he said he didn't really have time to look the ring over before the game because he had to go right down to the bullpen after getting his and start to warm up for the game.  He also said he recognizes that he needs to pound the ball low in the zone to be successful.  Amazingly simple, and yet, so difficult to consistently achieve.  So far so good for young Mr. Heston, but it's time to get off my soapbox for the kid and get back to the game.

The mood in the Park was not what you usually get when a team is on an 8 game losing streak.  Fans were dressed to the nines and happy to be there.  They were rewarded with great play on the field from the beginning.  In the Giants half of the 1st inning, Nori Aoki led off with a double and was promptly driven in by the first of Joe Panik's 3 hits on the day.  In his next at bat Panik, who had 3 hits on the day, got a base hit and scored the second run of the day for the Giants in the third on a Buster Posey RBI single to left.  When Peralta hit the homer in the 4th to close the gap to 2-1, I could feel the nervous buzz going around the crowd.  But Brandon Crawford would hit a 2 run long ball in the bottom of the 4th to answer right back, and no news was good news after that. 

Tim Hudson will take the mound for the Giants in Sunday's finale to the 4 game series.  Sunday will mark the last of 14 consecutive days with a games played to start the season for the Giants.  They are the last team in the Majors to get a day off this year and I know they are looking forward to Monday.  A 2 game winning streak would make that day off just that much better so, "Let's Go Giants!!!!!"

Final Score   Giants - 4  Diamondbacks - 1

For the Box Score to this game click here.

  Truefans Giants Recap for April 17th  

Final Score   Diamondbacks - 9  Giants - 0

For the Box Score to this game click here.

  Truefans Giants Recap for April 16th  

I was very prepared and committed to giving you no recap tonight.  I had talked about my superstitious tendencies last night.  I could not write a story on a seventh consecutive loss.  It's killing me.  Then the Giants came back in the bottom of the ninth with 2 outs and I wrote the headline.  Then they lost the lead in the top of the tenth on a Home run by A.J. Pollock.  I was preparing to delete the headline.  So in the bottom of the tenth, Gregor Blanco led off with a walk and Angel Pagan got an infield hit and a bad throw to first allowed Blanco to take third.  Buster Posey was walked to load the bases with no outs.  At that moment I was inspired enough to give my heart to giving you my recap and I began this story.  The Giants are not seeing the ball and if they were a little more selective at the plate they would have got the winning run across with a bases loaded walk a couple of times.  But since they are, after all, on a six game losing streak, the Giants are pressing too hard.  I know they are all so focused on trying to make things happen that they are aggressive when they get into the box.  In the ninth Nori Aoki saw 5 pitches that all were either in the dirt or almost.  Somehow he managed to strike out on those fives balls.  Again in the tenth they had a spot with the bases loaded and were swinging at balls out of the strike zone.  Aggressive is great when you are rolling, but you have to recognize your situation.  You don't need to be free swinging when the bases are loaded and a walk can win the game!  I'm just saying.   I guess I should be focusing on the fact that the Giants came back twice to tie it.  The game did not care what I wanted though, it had a mind of it's own. as games always do. 

Arizona scored twice in the top of the twelfth to take a 7-5 lead.  Ender Inciarte led it off with a single.  Pollock struck out and with Paul Goldschmidt at the plate Inciarte stole second.   Bochy decided to walk Goldschmidt to keep the double play in order and force at any bag.  Aaron Hill then ripped a ball to the wall in left center that would score both runners. 

But the Giants would not go quietly into the night.  Angel Pagan led off the bottom of the twelfth with a ground ball through the hole into right.  With one out, Brandon Belt beat out the back end of what would have been a game ending double play.  He stole second and was driven in by Matt Duffy's double to the gap in left.  But a screaming shot by Joe Panik up the middle, that would have tied the ballgame, was snagged out of the air by D'Backs reliever Randall Delgado to end the game. 

I tell you right now, if they lose tomorrow, I GUARANTEE  there will be no Giants recap by this Truefan.

Final Score   D'Backs - 7  Giants - 6

For the Box Score you can click here.

  Truefans Giants Recap for April 15th  

The Giants are making it hard to write this every day.  I have never been a journalist before, thus this comes more from the angle of the True Fan.  I must admit I am a superstitious fan.  When I wrote a new page for Opening day on Monday, the real reason was to try to break the 3 game skid.  It's now a 6 game skid and I'm considering not writing a recap just to try to break it up! 

Nolan Arenado delivered the killing blow tonight for the Rockies as they beat the struggling Giants 4-2

I have written this recap twice now.  That's because just when I was about to push the button to build the page the first time, my computer shut down.  By the time I got back all my work was gone.  C'est la vie.  OK, that's enough moaning, on to the recap. 

Tim Lincecum took the mound for the Giants and got off to a slow start.  His only walk of the game went to the first batter he faced.  With one out Troy Tulowitski hit a ground ball single and it was first and third.  Nolan Arenado stepped into the box with two outs.  The count went to 0-2 and the only thing you couldn't do was give him something to hit.  Ball should have been in the dirt or at the shoulders.  It might not have been a strike but it was hittable enough to land out in left field bleachers for a 3-0 deficit and the Giants would never see the lead.  They did scratch out a run in the bottom of the first, but the Rockies got an unearned run across in the second to answer the Giants run.  After that the only thing worth watching was the first home run of his career for Matt Duffy in the eighth.

Final Score   Rockies - 4  Giants - 2

For the Box Score click here.

  Truefans Giants Recap for April 14th  

The Giants are in a slump!  Tonight's loss to the Colorado Rockies was the fifth consecutive loss for the defending champions.  Nori Aoki and Angel Pagan are hitting the ball but the rest of the team is having a hard time at the plate.  Buster Posey came in as a pinch hitter in the eighth and for a moment it seemed like he had hit a big fly to tie the game.  But it was reeled in at the fence and the Rockies tacked on an insurance run in the ninth to make the final 4-1.

Could this Nolan Arenado catch and throw be the Play of the year?

I tend to cover the Giants without really talking about the opposition as much as I probably should.  To cover this game without acknowledging the amazing play by Nolan Arenado when he chased down a foul pop-up literally into the stands in the bottom of the eighth.  I'm sure you have all seen the play by Derek Jeter when he went into the stands.  The play by Arenado was clearly superior to that play.  He goes into the stands with serious velocity, bouncing off of the tarp that kind of twists him up as well as getting thrown into the seats.  He handles all that and immediately spins and makes a double play attempt on top of it.  SPECTACULAR.  A candidate for play of the year!

Tim Hudson was solid out on the mound again for the Giants, giving them 7 full.  He threw 100 pitches and he is keeping the ball down in the zone.  If he continues to perform like this the Giants will start winning when the offense comes around.  Tomorrow Tim Lincecum will take the mound in the final game of this three game series as the Giants try to avoid the sweep.  He will be matched up against Tyler Matzek. 

Final Score   Rockies - 4  Giants - 1

For the Box Score click here.

  Truefans Giants Recap for April 13th  

I wrote a separate page for April 13th.  I guess because it was the Giants Home Opener.  If you want to read about it you can click here.

  Truefans Giants Recap for April 12th  

The Giants fell to the Padres today 6-4.  Jake Peavy came one swing away from having a decent start, but when Wil Nieves came to the plate in the fourth the bases were loaded and by the time the ball had landed in the Left Field stands they were unloaded and the 2-0 lead the Giants had held was gone and they would not get it back.  Buster Posey did hit his 2nd home run of the year in the 7th to close the lead to 5-4, but just like the inning before when the Giants scored the Padres responded.  In the bottom of the 7th, Mike and Molly's kid, Will Venable hit home run that would end up being the final run of the game as Padres new closer Craig Kimbrel shut the door for his 2nd save of the year. 

Kimbrel was one of many acquisitions this off-season by the Padres that appear to be good moves.  On offense Matt Kemp, Derek Norris, Wil Myers and Justin Upton are all new additions for 2015.  Kimbrel is joined on the pitching staff by James "Big Game" Shields to give the Padres a legitimate #1 starter in anybodies opinion.  Shields got 5 years and $125 million to come to San Diego and his first start showed everything the Padres want to out of "Big Game".  In the end the Giants are 3-4 and the Padres are 4-3.  Time will tell if the Padres big moves will pay off, but the Giants are coming home tomorrow and the fans will be ecstatic for all the ceremonies that will take place, I can guarantee it.  Once the first pitch is thrown, the play on the field will dictate how all those fans feel when they are driving home.  Come back tomorrow for Coverage of the home opener.

Final Score   Padres - 6  Giants - 4

For the Box Score to this game, click here.

  Truefans Giants Recap for April 11th  

Last Years World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner goes for the Giants

Tonights game between the Giants and the Padres brings us a rematch of a pitching matchup that occurred twice in the 2014 World Series.  Madison Bumgarner vs James Shields.

James Shields, The Padres new #1 Starter takes the mound for the Padres

It's a good thing for the Giants that Madison Bumgarner was better last October than he was tonight in San Diego.  The San Diego Padres came into the game with their hitting shoes on.  Early in the game it did look like he was getting squeezed a little by the home plate umpire, but Bumgarner had decent control, so he was getting the ball into the tight strike zone.  Unfortunately the Padres weren't missing it much when they swung.  They had 10 hits in the first 16 at bats of the game and had put up 5 runs on Bumgarner with only 1 out in the third. He finished that third inning but that was the end of Bumgarner's work for the night.

Shields, on the other hand, was dealing.  In the 1st inning Casey McGehee came out of the box wrong and went to the ground with a strained knee in his first at-bat.  Joaquin Arias took McGehee's  spot in the lineup for the Giants and led off the 4th with a home run.  That was most of the offense while Shields was on the mound.  By the time he was done he had thrown 7 full giving up only 3 hits and 1 walk and the decision was not in question. The only thing left to see was the final score

The Padres didn't stop scoring just because Bumgarner came out either.  They put up 20 hits and 10 runs by the time it was all over.   They took the game by a 10-2 score.  With the victory the Padres and the Giants end the night with the same record at 3-3.  Sunday will be the fourth and final game of this series and the winner will take a one game lead over the other.  If you want to read about Sunday's game you can come back tomorrow and read it here.

Final Score   Padres 10- Giants 2

For the Box Score to this game click here.

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