2015 Truefan Foundation Update

Thank you for coming to The Truefan Foundation Update for the season so far.  It has been a while since I gave you any information and for that I would like to apologize.  That is where the apologies end because The Truefan Foundation is on pace to meet our mission goals.  Tomorrow is one of the rare weekday giveaways for the Oakland Athletics, with a Sean Doolittle fleece blanket as the item of the day.  The first 15,000 fans entering the o.Co Coliseum will receive a blanket and will be watching the A's host the Boston Red Sox in their only visit to Oakland this year. 

Today is one of the first days I have had a chance to get caught up enough to write anything down on top of all my other duties.  As I write this I have been blessed to tune into the Braves-Reds game on ESPN.  I say blessed because they are in a rain delay and that has allowed the coverage to roam from game to game in the MLB.  I have seen the Orioles in their return to Baltimore after all the troubles that city has been forced to deal with, and watched a couple of Oriole home runs light up the fans there.  I think the Alex Rodriguez home run I saw was a replay, but the back to back shots by Kris Bryant (his first ever in Wrigley Field) and Anthony Rizzo in Chicago were definitely live.  It seemed like every game they tuned into was perfectly timed.  What a great night of Baseball, but then again aren't they all.  

Truefan Foundation Update:  Warriors-Grizzlies

I plan on watching the Warriors redeem themselves later tonight in Memphis and putting a wrench in Stephen A. Smith's plans to see Memphis take on the Clippers.  This morning on ESPN's First Take he was talking about this Warriors Grizzlies series like it was over and the Grizzlies are already in the Western Conference finals versus the Clippers.

Everything I read says those series aren't over yet!  I certainly can't hear any fat ladies singing yet.  She may be  warming up for the Clippers but she ain't even in the building yet on this Warriors team.  If they win tonight in Memphis, I dare say it is the Warriors that will be back in control.  The way the Warriors have shot for the last two games has been the aberration, and I don't see it continuing.  I think both Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson will show up offensively and the defense that made them #1 in Shooting percentage against will do what focused defense does.  Let's all remember too that this is a best of seven series.  I don't think the Memphis Grizzlies can win 4 of 7 against these Warriors, period.  With a loss tonight Stephen A would make his reservations to Memphis.  If you really think about it, that would definitely be premature.  Let's say the Griz do win game 4 tonight.  They would be up 3-1.  Oracle is a tough place to win on the road and for Game 5 it will be CRAZY!  The Warriors will win that game.  That means all the Warriors have to do is play well in Memphis for game 6.  That gives us a Game 7 in Oracle Arena after two consecutive Warriors wins.  I do not see that scenario ending in a Memphis win.  So let's all watch the Warriors do what they are supposed to be doing tonight.  I've got to publish this before the game starts so you know where I stand on this game, but there is more update to come.  Please check back later.

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