Tim Lincecum 

I think Tim Lincecum needs to focus on what got him success.  Velocity is absolutely key in my opinion.  By this I don't mean he has to be able to throw 97 again.  To expect that at this point in his career is foolish.  It was awesome to have 97 to blow them away in a pinch, but his BEST pitch, even when he was winning those Cy Young awards, was his change up.  Trevor Hoffman had a Hall of Fame career with little more than a change up.  Put that pitch in your bag, Tim Lincecum and throw it.  Find that point where the hitters think you're throwing the fastball, but you can put it at or below the knees at 76 (not 84) without it riding up into the strike zone.  When you have that kind of velocity difference and you can pinpoint the ball, I believe you could be dominant again!  Embracing and perfecting the change up is KEY to being anything like the undeniable force you used to be!

  For those of you just coming out from under that rock, here are some of the reasons Giants fans have so much love for Tim Lincecum 

There might be some of you fans out there with extremely short memories, or even some who have just discovered the game of baseball and don't understand how a little guy who has had such intense struggles with control and maintaining velocity could be so adored by the fans of the San Francisco Giants.  This paragraph is to help enlighten you.  I have a story for you.  To set the stage you have to have a vivid imagination or a decent memory, you choose.  Take yourself back in time to January of 2010.  The Giants have had a strong team for years but haven't won a World Series since they were in New York in 1954.  One of the only real superstar at the time for those Giants was two-time Cy Young Award winner Tim Lincecum.  They, the Giants, decided to try to entice more fans to become season ticket holders by coming up with a promotion called the Cy Young pack.  If you signed up for season tickets you would get all the benefits that go with them, but in addition to that, you also got the chance to meet and get an autograph from Timmy personally at the Ballpark.  That is what prompted me to  become a season ticket holder and the ride I have enjoyed since then has been nothing short of spectacular to a LONGTIME Giants fan like myself.

 So what does 2015 look like for Timmy? 

So far the numbers don't look good for Timmy.  But in interviews he is saying that the work he has done in the off season has him feeling better about himself and his pitching.  He flashed a little something in his appearances, but his ERA is 13.50 so far.  Yes, yes he only has 4 innings pitched, but in those 4 he has 7 strikeouts.  Nothing would make me happier than to see Tim Lincecum win the Comeback Player of the Year, so keep your optimism high Giants fans and keep believing.  I hate to admit that I don't see all that happening, but here is another situation where it would be my absolute pleasure to be wrong.  I'm bound to be wrong from time to time, so please let this be one of them.  If you want to take look at his career stats you can always check them here.

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