Stephen Curry for MVP!  

Stephen Curry is leading the Golden State Warriors to a record breaking season.  Best record in the NBA is already locked up and the Warriors set the franchise record for wins in a season a while ago.  He is not the biggest guy on the court.  He is not the fastest.  You don't watch him and think, "He just out hustles everybody."   But he most definitely is the MVP of the league.  If you don't agree, read on and be enlightened.

If all your knowledge comes from watching Shaq and Kenny Smith and the guys on TNT talk about basketball after the games, you might be fooled into believing in James Harden, Lebron or Westbrook.  The numbers just don't bear it out.  MVP is an award that often goes to the best player on the best team.  That is Curry.  If you look at it head to head Curry vs Harden, Steph has more steals, more assists, less turnovers and has a better shooting percentage overall, from the 3 and from the free throw line.  He is more efficient and makes his team better.  A more compelling argument could be made for Lebron James based on the numbers, but with any deep analyzation of the numbers Curry still wins.  Russell Westbrook carried OKC for awhile but couldn't carry them by himself.  The  eye test tells me all I need to know.  On the court Stephen Curry simply LOOKS like the most creative and intelligent player on the floor.  He utilizes his set of skills in such a way that is almost unstoppable.  If you have a vote and choose anyone other than Stephen Curry you should have your right to vote taken away.

Stephen Curry's full stats page at

If you would like to see all the numbers I am talking about and compare them for yourself, has a great site with some great interactivity.  To go straight to Curry's page click here.  From there you can select one on one comparisons with any player in the league.

If you are a collector, like me, you might want to get some collectibles of this guy before he actually wins the MVP and the Warriors win the NBA title.  eBay is the place to find any collectible you might need.  Over to the right I have a link to all things Stephen Curry on eBay.  Check it out.

Stephen Curry on eBay

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