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Some baseball fans love of Stadium Giveaways has evolved to a point where calling it a hobby is no longer accurate.  My name is Mark Harris, I am the founder of The Truefan Foundation, and I definitely fall into that category.  For me to call it a hobby would be more than simply an understatement, it would have to fall into the self-delusional statement category.  If you are anything like me and need to know all the details of the Stadium Giveaways for your favorite team then this page should be helpful.  I have provided a link for every major league teams promotions page.  I have broken them up by division and then I have tried to put up one picture for each team of a promotion that caught my attention. 

Here are links to your teams Stadium Giveaways

NL West

AL West

Sorry but so far the Rangers have no pictures up on their promo page.  Step it up guys!

NL Central

AL Central

NL East

There must be something about East Coast teams that makes them not care so much about promoting their own Promotions.  So far there are no pictures at all on the promotions page for the Atlanta Braves or the Washington Senators.  Both teams have some nice items but neither team will show them to the fans.  The Miami Marlins have the longest promo page of any team in the majors, it is loaded with pictures but all of the pics are logos of recurring specials they do.  To actually find any pertinent info would take some steadfast determination and patience.  The one and only picture I find on the front page is of a t-shirt that is so small you cannot see one bit of detail to know what you are getting.  To all 3 of these teams I have to say, "Get with the program guys.  Take a look at some of your competition and realize you are slacking!

AL East

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