The San Francisco Giants  

There is no other way to say it, the San Francisco Giants have been the team I follow since I knew what it was to follow a team.  Willie Mays, Juan Marichal, Willie McCovey, Gaylord Perry are the names I remember most from my youth but there are SO many others.  The current roster of Giants is the one that has finally fulfilled the hopes and dreams that we have had as fans for all those years, thank goodness!  Current Giants players like Buster Posey, Tim Lincecum, Madison Bumgarner, Matt Cain, the Brandons and all the other contributors for the last 5 years will, no doubt, go down as the same type of legends for the youth of today. 

Here at The Truefan Foundation we will be attempting to provide the standard issue Baseball coverage that you might find elsewhere, but what we focus on is more for the specialized fan.  The fan that wants to be there to see the game live from the seats, not at home on his couch.  Or the fan that likes the feel of his couch but wants and needs the bobblehead he just saw on the screen that Krukow was raving about. 

The Countdown has officially begun !
2015 San Francisco Giants Season Tickets are here!!

There they are fans!  My 2015 San Francisco Giants season tickets are in my hands.  The entire first homestand is full of reasons that I HAVE to be there.  All of the first 6 games have a cool giveaway that I want and those games are followed by the Dodgers!  That's how to start a season.  Make your plans early!  Check here to see what is available!

If you like watching the Giants on TV but want
the stuff that you can only get by attending.


Gate Giveaways

Special Event Giveaways

VIP Experiences

Bobbleheads are the main reason this site exists at all, and remain they to this day the focus for most of our events.  Above, in my opinion, is a picture of the bobblehead that is sure to be the must have item for Giants collectors of 2015.  The Madison Bumgarner 2014 Postseason MVP bobblehead.  

Below is the Hunter Pence Fence catch Bobblehead set for May 9th

Both of the Bobbleheads you see pictured to the left are of the Gate giveaway variety.  

Special Event
or Gate Giveaway?

What difference
does it make?

The most important difference is how you are going to get the item.  For a gate giveaway all you have to do is have a ticket to the game and be one of the first however many people in the gates to get one. 

For a Special event item you need to have the Special Event ticket.  If you have the Special event ticket for the same day as this Hello Kitty Bobblehead you would also get the Hello Kitty Gnome seen below!

As with most things on this site the focus will be Bobbleheads.  For my page fully dedicated to special events please check here.  The Giants do many things besides Bobbleheads though like...

Here are a couple of the Special Event T-Shirts for 2015.  On top is the Portuguese heritage night shirt set for June 15th

Below you see the LGBT night T-shirt set for June 26th

There will be some surprising items along the way too.  Last year there was a Magic 8-ball with some Giants flair.  I can't wait to see all the Giants will come up with in 2015

The San Francisco Giants are the Kings of Marketing and finding every niche to fill when it comes to fan needs.  One of those niche things they do in a VERY limited manner are the VIP Special Event Experiences.  Typically they take place in Triples Alley, an elite venue to watch the pregame action from.  No more than a few hundred can attend any such event and the price is not cheap.  If you want to have the experience without the huge cost check here  Maybe you'd like to give your child the chance to hug Hello Kitty, live and in person.  Sounds like fun, right?

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