It's Opening Day!

I love Opening day for Major League Baseball.  The stadiums across the country will all be packed and every team in baseball has a reason to be optimistic.  Unless you are the Cubs you are tied for first place when the day starts, and payroll is the concern of the number crunchers upstairs.  Every team has the chance to take over first place and use that momentum to move forward and create a great season for themselves.  Sure, there has already been a month plus of Spring Training game and the Cubs and Cards had the ESPN Opening Day game yesterday on Easter Sunday.  But it is only on opening day when all teams have an equal footing.  In many stadiums in the land tomorrow will see much more humble attendance figures as reality begins to set in.  But for today, all things are possible and every team has a reason to believe.  In case anybody at ESPN reads this, please get over the Easter Sunday thing.  Easter Sunday is fine if it falls a week into the season, and I know it moves around on the calendar so there are years when it is not an issue, but when the calendar does happen to lay out with Easter being in the middle of where you want to start, please pull out another international game to open the season so it can be a day or two earlier and you can skip over Easter.  Baseball fans are just that fans.  The word fan is short for fanatic.  Fanatics are compelled to be there for opening day.  For some families that creates issues.  I am not  someone that places too much emphasis on observing religious holidays, but for many this is an issue.  I think it has become a great thing to have a single game to give to the whole country as THE opener to the season.  I actually like that, but not if it falls on Easter Sunday.  I understand that you are Major League baseball and fans have been waiting for a long time but the schedule makers could pick any day and the fans will be there.  This will no doubt be the only time religion will ever be mentioned on this site but it was on my mind so it made it to this page.  Now back to the topic of the day.

One of the things that you get on this day are fans who might be attending their only game of the year.  They love the pomp and circumstance and all the ceremonies but they only go Opening day.  They are the same type of people who never go out and party, but on New Years Eve they tie one on but good.  Quite often that is just the type of fan who wants a souvenir to commemorate the first game of the year.  If you are like that too but can't get there to get it yourself, do what I do and check eBay.  They've got everything you could think of!  Below is a link for you.

Opening Day on eBay

Where will you be for opening day?

I am blessed to be a fan in an area where two teams are within driving distance one of the two teams are usually playing a home game.  When the Giants are on the road, as they are today, the A's are usually at home.  That is the case today, and so I will be in Oakland at the o.Co Coliseum.  I have already had four phone calls from friends today, asking if I was going to be there, and I will be trying to find all of them and a few more when I head out to the Coliseum tonight.  Below is a picture of a couple of those guys I will be seeing tonight at o.Co. 

My buddy Jason with a couple of his buds and Banjoman

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