Mayweather Pacquiao
by The Truefan, Mark Harris

This Saturday the boxing world finally gets to see Mayweather Pacquiao live in the ring at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.  For those readers that are like me, and by that I mean you are mostly baseballcentric, boxing is something that almost always takes place without me taking any notice.  I grew up in an era when I got to watch Muhammad Ali beating up the heavyweight division for free on the networks.  I am simply not inclined to pay for ANY pay-per-view boxing event.  All that being said, I might have to pony up the cash for this fight.  If you turn on the TV this week it is hard to avoid the hype.  At least for me, ESPN is the first channel I check in the morning.  All attention is on Las Vegas this weekend.  Sportscenter, First Take and SportsNation are all broadcasting from Vegas.  Given the fighters involved, I think the event might actually live up to the hype.

Both Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather have been considered the best pound for pound fighter in the world.  There are those that would argue that still applies, on both sides.   If the fight had taken place 5 years ago I would have put my money on Manny.  Right now, I don't know.

I freely admit, I am influenced by the way the two men handle themselves.  As people, these two are about as polar opposite as you can imagine.  If I had the ability to pick one to be my friend there is no doubt I want to hang with Manny.  But boxing is not a popularity contest!  Floyd has an undeniable history of domestic violence.  His extravagant wagers that he brags about on social media are well known.  His nickname says it all, Floyd "Money" Mayweather.  He has become the essence of self-hype.  I don't want to  sound like I'm talking trash about Floyd.  I'm simply stating the facts. 

Manny Pacquiao is Mayweather's direct couterpart on most issues.  If he didn't have Freddie Roach out there doing his trash talk you wouldn't hear much of anything from his camp.  Manny works with an obstacle that doesn't exist for Mayweather.  A few years ago Pacquiao became devout in his religious beliefs.  He is a born again Christian and there are those who say that fact has been a factor in recent fights.  The sincerity of his beliefs have caused him to lose the killer instinct.  At least that has been a talking point for some of the pundits that say he is past his prime.  Manny's history of giving to the Philippine people is without peer.  He has given not just his money but his time and attention.  He was elected as a congressman in the Phillippines.  How many active superstars in America try to give back to Manny's level?  If you can think of one you will surprise me.

Mayweather Pacquiao prediction

I am at odds with myself on this one.  If the fight had taken place 5 years ago, as it should have, I would have been firmly on the side of Manny Pacquiao.  If I was picking with my heart I go Manny, but my head just doesn't want to listen to my heart on this one.  I can see the possibility for Floyd to become frustrated by Manny's tenacity and speed.  Floyd has outclassed all comers to this point, but he has never encountered anyone with Pacquiao's engine.  If you listen to Pacquiao's quotes he freely admits that the killer instinct is something that he has lost touch with.  He also says he has found that again for this fight.  I can see this fight bringing it out of him.  The thing is this, I don't believe Manny when he says he has the killer instinct back.  But I believe it still exists within him.  And luckily for Pacquiao, his opponent is Floyd Mayweather.  Luckily!?!  Mayweather and his massive ego will come into this fight ready.  If he goes out in the first round or two and dominates, I could see that ego of his compel him to start talking trash to Manny.  THAT is Manny Pacquiao's best chance.  I believe Mayweather is physically without peer in terms of speed and defensive abilities and if he can stay with the strategies that are successful for him he will win the fight.  If "Money" takes a few rounds easily and starts thinking the fight is over already his ego could get him in trouble.  If he falls into trash talk mode too soon with Manny, he might just unleash a monster he can't handle.  Show Manny a little disrespect and let's see what happens. 

So my prediction has two possibilities.  If Floyd Mayweather can maintain his focus and hold the trash talk until after the fight I think he will win by unanimous decision.  If you are watching the fight and see him flapping his gums at Pacquiao early, then I say Teddy Atlas is close and I'll take Manny in the 11th by TKO. 

Nobody likes a fence sitter though, so I am saying this fight will end in a victory by decision for Floyd Mayweather. That's what my brain says.  The heart desperately wants my brain to be wrong.  Nothing would make me happier than to see him counted out in the middle of the ring.  Mayweather is a great boxer, one of the greatest of all time, but he is also an incredibly self absorbed man.  Whether or not there was a way to measure and justify any "greatest of all time" type statement, I would be loath to accept such a tag for a loud mouth like Mayweather.  Even Ali annoyed me with that type of talk.  Pacquiao has 5 losses on his resume and Jesus in his heart so there is no way you would hear such talk from his lips.  I prefer humility, even in my champions.  In fact it is the ability to be a world champion, the pinnacle of sport, and still retain humility that I search for in MY heroes.  Come on Manny Pacquiao!  Fire up whatever demons used to drive you and take this loud mouth down!  Then we can stop listening to Mayweather call himself the greatest fighter of all time. 

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