Welcome to La Ginestra

La Ginestra is celebrating its 50th year of business in Mill Valley. We are proud and honored to have served three generations of Mill Valley, Marin and San Francisco Bay Area residents and their families.  The restaurant features classic Neapolitan cuisine using only the freshest seafood, locally grown vegetables, handmade gnocchi, cannelloni, and of course our homemade ravioli that have been made fresh almost daily for over 20 years.  Our Menu includes many long time Italian American favorites, including pizza and the classic spaghetti and meatballs.  Far from sticking with the traditional we also try to provide all of our customers with something that will please them.  From the lean, delicious and protein packed Chicken Milanese to the rich and savory Saltimboca that almost literally wants to jump in your mouth.  We have Gluten Free pasta options for those customers with dietary restrictions as well.  The list of daily specials will make it hard for those that walk in with a preset plan. 

A Little History

Italian immigrants, Salvatore and Maria Aversa, started the restaurant in May of 1964. They wanted to bring the food of their hometown of Sorrento to Mill Valley. “Ginestra” in Italian is a plant that is very similar to the “Scotch Broom”, which is so familiar to lovers of the mountain.  So when Sal and Maria saw the yellow flowers on Mount Tamalpais they were reminded of the Ginestra flowers on Mt. Vesuvius, their homeland. 

La Ginestra is located at 127 Throckmorton Ave in Mill Valley, CA

La Ginestra is still family owned and operated by the Aversa family, as it has been since 1964. While Sal passed away in 1983 from ALS, Maria still works full time, and her son, Tino has been the manager for the past 30 years.  Maria’s daughter Lucia and son Fabio, as well as Maria’s grandchildren, daughters-in-law and son-in-law are also involved in the business.  There is also the dedicated team of valued long standing employees, from the wait staff to the kitchen, who will strive to make your dining experience a memorable one..

La Ginestra has been delighted to serve our clientele, who we often think of as our own extended family, as well as their families and friends for the past fifty years.  We also look forward to continuing to welcome new residents as well as visitors to our town for many years to come.

We would like to extend our appreciation for your continued patronage. 

The Aversa Family

So what's going on at La Ginestra today?

Today, we are working to maintain the traditions of the past 50 years, while at the same time doing all we can to provide what we feel is an authentic re-creation of what you would find at an amazing meal where Sal and Maria grew up, in Sorrento.  La Ginestra is fortunate to be located in Marin County where organic and locally grown produce is readily available.  Marin county and the surrounding bay area provide a climate very similar to that of Sorrento.  This helps make it possible to for us to give you the finest dining experience we can provide.  We source our organic lettuces and vegetables from Green Gulch Farms in Muir Beach, California, and other local organic farms. Of course the ocean provides the freshest seafood which any native to the Amalfi coast knows is essential to genuine Neopolitan cuisine

We recently did a little renovation in the Sorrento Lounge due mainly to an accident that caused some unexpected water to flow in through our back door.  It did give us reason to re-evaluate the space and we think you will like the look and feel of everything.  We hope you will like what we have done.  It has increased floor space and made for a cleaner look we think.  Please come in and take a look and tell us what you think.  Maybe together we can improve it more.

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