Jordan Spieth is spot on!  

Today, Sunday April 12th, 2015, Jordan Spieth did something I did not believe possible.  It was just last Wednesday that my favorite golfer of all time, Mr Jack Nicklaus, came to Augusta for the par 3 contest and did something even he had never done before.  During the contest, on the fourth hole, Jack stepped up to the tee and lofted the first hole in one he had ever hit at Augusta.  The cameras were there so all could see this moment of greatness from the greatest golfer of my lifetime.  It is a moment I will never forget! Yet Jordan Spieth, without the big drive, without any flash that I can see and without any of the nerves that should have been eating this 21 year old up from the inside out, stepped into the record books and with his play he actually made the Nicklaus moment from Wednesday seem like an afterthought.

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How does this kid come to Augusta a course that has been lengthened again and again.  While many of the big names have developed the kind of drives that make length irrelevant, Spieth has no such ability.  He had to lay up a few times throughout the week.  His mastery of the short game made laying up just part of the path that he had to take to tie the All-Time scoring record for the tournament. 

Let's not all forget either that this should be
Jordan Spieth's second green jacket.

If not for a late stumble last year, this would have made two in a row for the 21 year old.  The stumble he had this year took place only on the very last hole and did not do anywhere near the damage that was done last year.  This stumble only kept him from owning the all time scoring record for the tournament by himself.  For now he has to share it with Tiger.  It was as stress free a final round as you could imagine.  Every time anyone got close enough to him that he might start to feel pressure, he would just knock in another birdie to keep the gap manageable, dare I say comfortable.  The knowledge of the course that he displayed throughout this tournament, his ability to know where to land and how to work the greens at Augusta,completely belied his years.  The fact that he has had the focus on this tourney more than any other is what has made it all possible.  It must be nice to be 21 years old and already have a performance that will cement your legacy for all time.  If you want to see his official player profile you can click here.

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