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It's hard to imagine how far Jake Peavy had fallen off the radar.  Hard to imagine for me at least.  Here is a guy that has been a Cy Young award winner who has been pitching for over a decade at the big league level.  But 2008 through 2013 were filled with injuries and his innings pitched were nowhere near previous years and the quality of his innings suffered at the same time.  But his performance after being acquired by the Giants in 2014 was absolutely necessary to stabilize a starting staff that was struggling in the 5th spot at the time.  Without his solid pitching down the stretch the Giants might never have gotten to the playoffs and the legendary performance by Madison Bumgarner might never have occured.

What does 2015 look like for Jake Peavy?

This review will stun many of you.  Jake Peavy could very well be the Giants #2 starter right now.  Yes MadBum might be the best clutch pitcher on the planet, but from the time the Giants got Peavy until the end of the regular season he was one of the best pitchers in the game and his stats bear that out.  Matt Cain has a long history, but coming off an injury he is a question mark.  Tim Lincecum is, I hate to say it but, the picture of inconsistency lately.  At times Timmy looks like he could regain his previous form and at others...  I do think the contract the Giants gave Mr Peavy is brilliant.  Cheap money in 2015 (relatively) with a solid increase in 2016.  If he implodes this year any team in contention would pick up that contract for a Cy Young winner with 2 straight rings.  But implosion is not what I am expecting.  I don't know what his problem was in the first half of last year but the guy I saw finish the season for the Giants was a killer, and I can't wait to see what he does in 2015. 

I think the fact that the Jake Peavy trade last year got so little fanfare last year is very reminiscent of the lack of noise that accompanied the acquisition of Marco Scutaro in 2012.  Nobody seemed to take much notice at the moment either of those moves happened, but without the Giants finding those two players, they don't make the playoffs either year.  Let's hope the fate of Peavy doesn't mirror what has happened to Marco since 2012.  I certainly don't see that coming. He might be struggling so far in the Spring, but April 6th is when it counts and I  would bet he will be ready.

If you want to look at his career stats click here

I don't see anything in the promo lineup yet giving love to Mr Peavy.  We have Playoff Heroes Bobblehead days, but without Jake, we might never have seen the Playoffs.  Maybe we need to start a campaign for the social media special event this year, Jake Peavy, the unsung hero!  There I wrote it on Feb 18th! 

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