SF Giants Irish Heritage Night

2017 Giants Irish Heritage Night T-Shirt

In 2017 the San Francisco Giants will again give fans 2 chances to celebrate Irish Heritage night.  The first one will be during the first home series against the Dodgers on Tuesday April 25th.  The shirt is a pretty good indicator of who the Giants are playing that game.  The best part is you never have to worry about it being Irish heritage night again and you know the Dodgers are coming to town 9 games a year.  You just got a new favorite shirt for those games!  If you don't think you can make it but want to insure you get yours all you have to do is click on the


What else can I tell you about Irish Heritage Night?

The Giants will have a second installment on August 22nd when they play the Milwaukee Brewers.  That night the special event giveaway will be a drawstring backpack.  Here's a picture.  If you want one click on the button below.

Do you think a membership that would lock in the LOWEST PRICE is a good idea?  We are thinking about what form it might take.  I'm thinking I have to build flexibility into it because everybody will have their own interest.  Some will want tickets and some will want giveaways and maybe we can come up with something else to make you want to be a member.  Any feedback?

This is the gear I want, if it is still available, please!

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If you want to check out the Giants Special events page you can click here.

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