San Francisco Giants Special Events 

The Giants Special Events list is just as long as ever to start the season for 2015 and there is no reason to think they won't come up with some more events before the season is complete.  The special event day gives the Giants a chance to market to a smaller niche, usually with a common bond of some sort.  Ethnic heritage is a common theme.  Irish, Chinese, Filipino and Italian are a few of the communities that have had a chance to celebrate their heritage for a few years but there are so many.  Japanese Heritage night, for instance, which this year will feature a Travis Ishikawa bobblehead with a sound chip that will allow fans to relive the moment of Ishikawa's home run shot to win Game 5 of the NLCS against the Cardinals.  As an added bonus you will get to enjoy a Giants-Dodgers game that night as well.  Not bad, but the truth is that's not usually the Giants style.  This may be just a little too much info for some, but one aspect of their brilliance, is the Giants ability to utilize the Special Event days to guarantee that their seats remain full.  That is why some of the best giveaways can be found when some of the worst teams are in town.  Combine this factor with the consistent performance by the players on the field and it is no wonder why the Giants have such a long run of consecutive sellouts.  So without further adieu I present my highlights among the...

2015 Giants Special Events

4/16 Irish Heritage Night 1

The Giants are going to have 2 Irish Heritage nights in 2015.  The first one takes place Thursday April 16th when the Giants take on the Diamondbacks.  If you have the special event ticket for this game you will receive a Beanie something like the picture you see to the right.  For more info click here.

2015 Irish Heritage Night 1 Beanie*

4/17 Korean Heritage Night

Korean Heritage night will be April 17th.  The Giants have gone simple and elegant with a classic black tee with the World Champions logo they will use for the 2014 title and the shape of Korea very small near the top.  It looks very Sharp!  For more info Click here

2015 Korean Haritage night T-Shirt*

4/21 SFUNITE Night

2015 will feature the second annual SFUNITE Night.  The 2014 event brought us a Candlestick Park replica that was pretty nice.  They just put up a picture of the SFUNITE Sports Stadiums and Arenas t-shirt included with the package this year.

5/1 Golf Night

Golf night 2015 goes in a different direction than in years past.  Thus far it has been a Head cover every time.  As cool as they were, I think fans might have requested something else this year.  A divot repair tool with that ever present World Champions logo will be the goodie Giants Golf fans collect this year. Check out that pic to the right.  The picture to the right of that is the Golf night World Champions Head cover promo from 2013

5/2 Metallica Day

This year will bring the 3rd annual
Metallica Day!  The first year was a slam dunk hit with the snapback hat.  Year two brought us an inflatible guitar(?) and a Giants/Metallica themed pick set(!!)  It looks like they have combined the best of both this year.  You get a Metallica/World Champions beanie as well as a Giants/Metallica themed set of cards.

2015 Metallica Night Beanie and cards*

Over to the left is a picture of the inflatable guitar and guitar pick set from Metallica night 2014

5/5 Cinco de Mayo

The Giants Special events team has come up with another winner to commemorate Cinco de Mayo.  It is not exactly an annual event because we are at the whim of the schedule makers as to whether or not the Giants have a home game that day, but if there is I'm sure there will be a Giant Special Event to celebrate the day.

The 2015 Cinco de Mayo T-Shirt*

Cinco de Mayo of course is a traditional day of celebration for the Mexican/American community.  For those who do not know the story, here's a brief synopsis.  It was 1862.  Mexico had been weakened by first the Mexican-American war and then their own version of the Civil War historically called "The Reform War".  Mexico declared they would need a 2 year hiatus from all foreign debt repayments.  Britain, Spain and France didn't take kindly to that and sent forces to respond.  While Britain and Spain were dealing with it diplomatically, the French, led by Napoleon III, decided they would try to grab a foothold in North America by grabbing what was left of Mexico and use it as a base to help the Confederates beat the Union.  But at the "Battle of Puebla" on May 5th, 1862 the heavily undermanned Mexican forces repelled the French and since then that day has been celebrated as "Cinco de Mayo".

Frank Sinatra's 100th Birthday Special Event

The year 2015 serves as what would be the 100th birthday for one of the world's most beloved entertainers, Frank Sinatra, and the Giants are honored to invite you to join them in celebrating the "Chairman of the Board". Members of the Sinatra family will be in attendance, so what better way to give them a San Francisco welcome than to celebrate Frank's 100th birthday together! Your Special Event ticket package includes a ticket to the game against the Marlins, and a limited-edition Frank Sinatra/Giants commemorative item. A diehard baseball fan and a personal friend of Willie Mays and Willie McCovey, Sinatra was a frequent guest of the San Francisco Giants at Candlestick Park. All fans attending the game will be treated to pre-game entertainment, along with in game activities themed around Sinatra and his legendary music.

5/8 Filipino Heritage Night 1

Filipino Heritage night Tim Lincecum 2nd No-Hitter Bobblehead

The Filipino community is one that typically shows up in force for all of the Filipino Heritage nights.  The first installment of Giants Special Events for them will be one of the most compelling so far.  Why?  To the left you see the reason.  The Tim Lincecum Filipino Heritage Night Bobblehead in commemoration of Timmy's second career No-Hitter thrown on June 25, 2014.  Each buyer of the Special event package will receive one. 

HunterHunter Pence "Fence Catch" Bobblehead May 9th, 2015 *

Heroes and Comics Night May 9th

Saturday May 9th is the date for the Giants Heroes and Comics Special Events Night.  On that evening the first 40,000 will also receive one of the Hunter Pence Fence Catch Bobbleheads you see to the left.   Buyers of the special event package will also receive an as yet to be named item as well.  When we hear word on what it might be we will let you know.

For now, the links you see for each of the Giants Special Events takes you to the Giants Special Events own page and specifically to that days event.  In time they will link to the page I will build a page for each day.  My plan is also to make it so each picture will be what you click on to buy each item directly.  If you like the sound of that let me know.  If you think another way might be better, I'd like to hear your suggestions.  For now here is complete list of events from the Giants Special Events page. 

Current 2015 Giants Special Events  As of 3/11/2015
(Additional Special Events announced continually)

4/16 Irish Heritage Night 1
4/17 Korean Heritage Night
4/21 SFUNITE Night
5/1 Golf Night
5/2 Metallica Day
5/4 Hotel Heroes Night
5/5 Cinco de Mayo
5/7 College Night 1
5/7 Frank Sinatra 100th Birthday Celebration
5/8 Filipino Heritage Night 1
5/9 Superheroes and Comics Night Triples Alley
5/19 Japanese Heritage Night
5/20 Until There's a Cure Night
5/28 Chinese Heritage Night
5/28 Singles Night 1
5/29 Orange Friday Happy Hour 1
6/1 KNBR Night with Murph and Mac
6/2 Autism Awareness Night Triples Alley
6/12 Orange Friday Happy Hour 2
6/14 Gamer Day
6/15 Portuguese Heritage Night
6/23 Italian Heritage Night
6/24 Native American Heritage Night
6/26 LGBT Night
6/27 Brewfest
6/27 Girl Scout Day
6/28 Hello Kitty Day Triples Alley
7/6 Firefighter Appreciation Night
7/7 Bruce Lee 75th Birthday Celebration
7/10 Orange Friday Happy Hour 3
7/12 Boy Scout Day
7/24 Wine Fest
7/27 Jewish Heritage Night
7/27 Stitch N' Pitch
7/28 Law Enforcement Appreciation
8/11 Irish Heritage Night 2
8/13 Grateful Dead Tribute Night Triples Alley
8/14 Orange Friday Happy Hour 4
8/16 "Los Gamers" Day
8/26 College Night 2
8/26 Singles Night 2
8/26 Union Night
8/28 Wine Fest
8/29 Fellowship Day
8/30 Pixar Day
9/14 Step Up to the Plate
9/15 Filipino Heritage Night 2
9/15 Masons Night
9/16 tokidoki Night
9/18 Polynesian Heritage Night
9/20 Peanuts Day
9/30 Oktoberfest
10/2 African American Heritage Night
10/3 STAR WARS® Day

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