San Francisco Giants Home Opener 

Today was the San Francisco Giants home opener and the fans were out in strength.  They were all wearing their new World Champions gear and the mood was amazing in the park.  Gametime was set for 1:35PM, a half hour later than the usual daytime start time.  You need that extra half hour to allow for the raising of the flag ceremony as well as the complete introductions of all the players and most members of the clubhouse as well.  I even heard them announce the massage therapist.  I apologize for not remembering his name.

I was touched as Renel Brooks voice came through  the stadiums loud speakers and began the days festivities by asking all fans to pay tribute to the many members of the Giants "family" who had passed away during the off-season.  There were many names announced, with the last being the man, the legend and the voice that introduced me to the game I love above all others, Lon Simmons.

Introductions for both teams followed and then came the ceremony all fans have been waiting for since the end of the parade last November.  The raising of the World Champions pennant.   The Giants have brought it in on the fire boats before and some fans were thinking it would be a repeat of that scenario, but the Giants had a better plan.  The person sitting next to me called it.  I saw there was a quartet of police officers on horseback on the warning track and two of them were holding the 2010 and 2012 pennants.  The Giants as a team carried the one flag that was going up the flagpole towards the Cops on horseback.  My friend in the seat next to me said, "They aren't going to put Bumgarner on the horse are they?"  Sure enoughas he gets right up to them the officer on the inside towards the grass dismounts and Madison Bumgarner Stepped up and climbed right on.  He and the other officers proceeded to the center field bleachers where Matt Cain took possession and  accompanied by 4 other Giants took it straight up the stairs next to the brick wall around the Cable car and stopped at the flagpole that will be the home of that pennant for the 2015 season.

The big screen said it all! Opening Day!
I know it's a terrible picture, but Mad Bum on horseback was something to see
That's my dog, ready to be taken down. Ready for the game!

It's a good thing for all those fantastic ceremonies before the game, because once the game got started the Giants fans had little to celebrate.  Chris Heston took the mound to start the game and pitched well enough to deserve better, but the lack of offensive support made it impossible for him to win.  Heston has been a great surprise to start the season.  After his second start of the year he has an ERA of 0.69 and looks composed and in control out there.  It was a tough luck loss for him today, but if he continues to throw like this it will be very hard for the Giants to send him anywhere.

  The Giants home opener is in the books as a loss  

By the time it was all said and done, the Giants home opener goes in the books as a loss.  The Giants are 3-5 to start the season and the offense is struggling.  Tim Hudson will take the ball tomorrow for the Giants against these same Rockies, and he will try to change the fortunes of the team.  It will be Madison Bumgarner Bobblehead night.  Come back tomorrow to see what went down at AT&T Park.

Final Score   Rockies - 2  Giants - 0

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