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The individuals who handle the Giants giveaways should be getting more credit for the consistently fantastic events the Giants manage to organize each year.  Without the idea of Giants giveaways The Truefan Foundation might never have been formed.  The creative genius the Giants have in place does a great job year in and year out.  Partly because of that amazing team, there is a thriving secondary market for the giveaway items.  The team sells out every game and there are many who need those giveaways.  Bobbleheads are, of course, the obsession that seems to drive the most fanaticism among collectors but everyone has their thing.  So here are some of the upcoming Giants giveaways that I plan on having available.  It might be easier to list the items I do not plan on getting but that would make this a short list.  Yes, I do plan on being at AT&T Park as much as possible this year and making the giveaways available, at the best price you can find anywhere, Period! 

This page will deal with information on the Giants giveaways that are given out at the gate as you enter.  The Giants do offer a much larger list of special events also that cater to a more defined interest. 

2017 Giants Giveaways

When The Giants give us a picture of the Calendar I will  put it up here. 

Monday April 10th will be the day of the Giants Home Opener and on that day the first 40,000 fans in the Park will receive a 2017 Opening day calendar.  

On Tuesday April 11th the Giants will have the first night game of the season and that night the first 20,000 fans in the Park will receive one of the Heart SF Flags you see to the left.  You can insure you get yours by adding it to your cart right now.  They are $20 each with $3 added for shipping and any additional flags ship for no extra charge

Wednesday April 12th will bring the Gold Glove Foam Finger for the first 20,000 fans in the Park.  I'm not sure if  I will be going to this game so I don't have a link up yet to buy it but if you want one please let me know and I will find a way.

On Saturday April  15th the Giants will be taking on the Colorado Rockies and the first 40,000 fans in the Park will receive a Johnny Cueto "Shimmy" Bobblebody.  If you are not going to make it to the game you can make sure you get one right now.  Simply add it to your cart below.  They are $32 each and we add $7 for shipping.  If you want more than one you can change your order at the shopping cart page and any additional bobbles ship for no additional charge.

Sunday April 16th will be the day the Giants give a Brandon Crawford Backpack  to the first 5,000 kids 14 and under that enter the Park.  Since it is a Kids only giveaway I am not sure I will be getting any.  If I do get some I will make them available here.  Thanks

That's just the first week of Giants Giveaways!
Stay Tuned as we role out more.
It's getting so close to the season!

All pictures on this page come from the official Giants Promotional Schedule and the Giants Special Events Page.

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