Giants and Nationals tickets
for Sunday August 16th

This Sunday the Giants and Nationals will be finishing up a 4 game series.  

Both teams are fighting for their playoff lives.  The Cardinals Pirates and Cubs all look like they are bound for the playoffs, which leaves no Wild Card for anyone else.  Both the Giants and the Nationals are in second place looking up at some hot teams.  These games are going to be hard fought and the prices reflect that.

Game 1 went to the Giants on Thursday.  Here are the details.

$80 for the Giants and Nationals in the regular season?

The prices for tickets has risen to a ridiculous level.  I am writing this Thursday night and at this moment the lowest price on Stubhub is $55 for a pair of tickets.   The Giants want $45 for a Standing room only ticket and $80 is the cheapest seat.

The reasons for the high prices are many.  It is one of the last weekends of the summer.  The Giants and Nationals are both in the middle of the race and the Nationals only come to the park once a year.  And the MAIN reason is the Juan Marichal Statue that will be given out to the first 20,000 fans that enter the park. 

I am a guy that wants the statues.  Yes I will sell them.  But I don't need to make a mint off the tickets.  In fact I am willing to take less than Standing room prices for actual seats in decent rows as long as you will show up early enough to get the statue.

Maybe you are thinking you have too many people and I won't have enough tickets.  I am not going to guarantee anything but I have quite a few.  $40 each if you don't want the statues and will be there by 11AM.  Gates open at 11:05.  Bring the whole family. 

My number is (707)241-6250.  Call me if you are interested.

Jaun Marichal with his lovely wife at the unveiling of his own statue.

So there is the Statue that is causing so much fuss this weekend.  Only the first 20,000 fans will get one.  Juan Marichal was so great!  You kids that never saw him will never understand what I mean.  Look at that leg kick.  The man had style!  He backed it up with some of the best talent in the game.

Here is the Juan Marichal Statue replica that will be given to the first 20,000 fans this Sunday, August 16th

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