Free Oakland Athletics tickets

How many people do you know trying to give Free Oakland Athletics tickets away?  Well you have found one here!  Our inventory is extremely limited and will go quickly.  But it is our pleasure to provide these tickets to you.  What's the catch?  Usually it involves showing up nice and early and going in with one of the Truefan Foundations representatives on a giveaway day.  As you go through the gates you would be given an item and you would give that item back to our representative.  It's as simple as that.  Different days give different giveaways, but the common factor is the reason you are here.  Free Oakland Athletics tickets!

We at the Truefan Foundation have been giving away the experience of A's baseball for years and we love doing it.  When we see a new young fan that has never been to a game before, and the happiness he is showing, we just want to do it more.  Please don't hesitate to fill out the form at the bottom of this page so we can make it possible for your family too.

  Free Oakland Athletics Tickets for
  Friday April 21st  

We have tickets available for Friday April 21st.  The A's will be hosting the Seattle Mariners and the first 10,000 fans in attendance will receive the annual A's Pet Calendar.  We would like to find some families that have not been to the Coliseum and give them a chance to see the game live.  I know it is hard to get there early on Friday, but if you can we want to give your family a free night of Oakland Athletics baseball.  Please look to the bottom of the page and fill in the form if you would like to see the game. 

If you do care about the giveaways but can't make it to the games click here and you can see some of the items we have available or will have in the future.  Click here

  Free Oakland Athletics Tickets for
  Saturday April 22th  

Which Games can I get these Free Oakland Athletics tickets

We plan on providing Free Oakland Athletics tickets to the following games in 2017:

  1. Friday April 21th
  2. Saturday April 22nd
  3. Sunday April 23th
  4. Saturday May 6th
  5. Sunday May 7th
  6. Saturday June 3rd
  7. Sunday June 18th
  8. Saturday July 1st
  9. Saturday July 15th
  10. Sunday July 16th
  11. Friday July 28th          more to come...

There will be additional games added throughout the year.  Please check back often for updates.

If there are any of these games you want to attend please fill in the form over to the right.  Thanks

These are the games I want to see, if it is possible, please!

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

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If you've seen your fair share of games but want all the stuff that makes all this possible, please click here for bobbleheads.  I will be adding another page or perhaps integrating the Bobblehead page with all of the A's giveaways.  I also want you to know that the bobblehead page you see is far from built to completion, but it is getting close to the start of the season and I know I need to get at least a framework for this site up and running.  With each page I build I get a little more refined I think, and ideas are going off in my mind constantly on how to grow.  I hope you are watching and enjoying.  Bye for now.

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