Free Giants Game
May 30th at AT&T Park

Would you like to see a Free Giants Game?  I'd like to welcome everybody to an opportunity to see the Giants take on the Washington Nationals at AT&T Park.  That picture above this paragraph is me at the ballgame.  It's a place I love to be and I'd like to offer a chance for you to attend a giants game on me.

Tuesday, May 30th the San Francisco Giants are taking on the Washington Nationals and if you have the ability to get to the park, I have a way to give you some free tickets.  Can you and your group make it to the ballpark by 4:30 that day?  That is the key requirement to get free tickets to the game. 

Why 4:30?  There is a giveaway that is sponsored by NBCSN that takes place at 5:00PM.  You and your group arrive at Willie Mays Plaza and enter the line to get the giveaway.  When you receive the giveaway, I trade you the giveaway for a ticket to the game.  If you are bringing a family with children, you can keep one of the giveaways as a souvenir for the evening.  They have a different giveaway each week and this week it will be a blanket.  Here is a link to the NBCSN Say Hey Tuesday site

Is it really a Free Giants Game?

In a way you are paying for them with your presence.  By being there on time you will receive a blanket that you pay nothing for.  You then trade the blanket for a ticket.  You are paying for it simply by being there.  Voila, a Free Giants Game.

I have had many people worry that they might not be able to get there on time but want to be sure that the tickets will be there for them.  I am more than happy to offer an option for someone with those worries.  You can place a deposit for the total amount of tickets you will be needing.  When you do arrive on time and get your blanket I will refund your deposit.  If you get to the park and decide you really want the blankets you are all set because you have secured the tickets with the deposit. 

How many tickets?

Do I have to give up the blanket?

NO!  If you get there and you decide you really want the blanket, that is up to you.  You have already placed the deposit that pays for the ticket for less than the Giants will sell you a ticket and less than any ticket can be sold on Stubhub.  If you decide you want the blanket more than the 8  bucks then keep the blanket.  I just want to give fans a chance to see a Free Giants Game.

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