When I was a child, I was given so much more freedom to do what I wanted and I see that children of today are typically not allowed those same freedoms.  In a way it is understandable given the increasingly competitive technology based world we live in.  Children that hope to be successful in a future that is as exponentially advanced as today's kids are from my childhood, well that seems like a HUGE task to parents and if the common mistake is to put a little too much regimentation in their children's life that can only be looked at as a move based in love designed to keep them ready for the world that is to come.  But too often the role of guiding them down a particular path is overemphasized by parents of today

The way I see it dreams are the most important thing in life.  The ability to believe you can make your dreams a reality are the key to human evolution. 

Dreaming for a child is realized not so much in their actual REM state periods of sleep.  For a child the essence of dreaming happens during times of play.  From infancy and the first time a parent has the chance to play peek-a-boo, the opportunity to  nurture your child's dreams is being placed before you.  Every parent needs to make it their duty to encourage play as often as possible.  By including the some of the academic things that need to be learned in life into times of play is a great way to reinforce the concept that education can and should be treated as play too.

The are many reasons I am so passionate about the concepts I am sharing with you.  My entire life has seemingly been sports-centric.  The physical actions were exciting to me before I ever conceived of the numeric interactions that would present themselves.  The ability to play with the numbers of the games was proving to be almost as fun for me as the games themselves.  Without my inherent love of all things sports and all the myriad numeric calculations the games enabled me to have access to, who knows what school might have been for me. 

Personal experience has a lot to do with my urgency to make this particular dream a reality.  The thought that having someones dreams of reaching the pinnacle of sporting excellence ripped away is simply unacceptable to me.  I have gone through that experience myself, and I have had the opportunity to see it again in my own children.  The action of having to bear witness to it in my child's life enabled me to look back and recognize that I had I dealt with it myself as a child.  In turn, that spurred much research into what effect sports have on how a child develops.  This idea goes generally unspoken because it is a subject that would first require a very sports minded group of people to gather in conversation, and then someone with an agenda, like me, to keep that conversation going in the right direction.  How does the relationship between children and sports impact how they grow up and view the world?    What I found seems logical and simple, at least to me.  

I found that, typically at least, children in less affluent areas seemed to put more importance in sports as a way to rise up out of their situation.  Sports was their reason to dream!  It may seem crass to point out, but it is simply a logical reaction to a situation as far as I am concerned.  When the neighborhood you live in is filled with drunks and drug addicts, liquor stores and rundown apartment buildings overstuffed with poor families, is it any wonder that these same children are hard pressed to find a business based dream to dream?  Sports gives a child the chance to see adults running and jumping and throwing balls and being made heroes for it.  It's a lot easier to believe that you might grow up to throw a ball in the hoop than it is to believe you are going to be a part of corporate America given the surroundings.  It is the belief that achieving your dreams might actually be possible that I am attempting to reinforce for these kids.

In his book Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill is quoted as saying, "Whatever your mind can conceive and believe it can achieve."  If we do not allow our children the time and freedom to participate in pure play, how can we expect them to have enough imagination to conceive of life changing innovations in the future?  If all we do is shove academics down their throat we will be building perfect robots for corporate America to put in place in the accounting department, but will they be able to imagine how to improve that accounting system?  In sports you achieve greatness through endless practice.  Day in and day out you practice.  You can't watch it on TV and gain the skill.  So why should we think imagination is any different.  We have to allow our children to play and imagine or how can we expect them to think for themselves and excel out there in the real world they will inevitably have to join. 

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