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Hi Baseball fans, Are you looking for Bay Area baseball Bobbleheads info?  If so, you have found the right place.  I don't know what has brought you here, but I would like to.  My name is Mark Harris and I am the Founder of The Truefan Foundation.  Collecting seems to have always been a part of what makes me who I am.  I have always been a guy who needed to have the stuff.  Tickets, bobbles, t-shirts, hats, rings you name it.  Many would call me obsessed and I would not even attempt to say they are wrong.  Now, I'm using the knowledge that I have acquired through decades of living with this obsession that I once called a hobby.   I have made it my goal to help fans get what they are looking for from baseball at a fair price.  If you just want to see the games live and in person, I can help you get in for less than anywhere and, depending on the situation, often FREE!  If you are someone who, like myself, wants the goodies but you just can't make it to the game, I am your guy.  Maybe you need that bobblehead for your son, or that heritage night T-shirt for your girlfriend and your schedule won't let you get there. That's when I can help.  What if by finding yourself the BEST PRICE on all your collecting needs, you ALSO helped to get families that could not afford it otherwise into the games absolutely FREE? 

Our Mission
Using Bobbleheads to Serve

Irish Heritage
Lou Seal Bobblehead

Chinese Heritage
Year of the Snake Bobblehead

Bobbleheads are not the only items we have by any means.  In fact, if you want almost any giveaway item from an A's or Giants game, odds are good you will be able to find it somewhere on this site eventually.  On the left, a picture of the Coco Crisp Jersey from Labor day 2014.  On the right, the Coco Lean Bobblehead from 2013

So how do these things help to serve the needs of others?

It is the mission of The Truefan Foundation to provide tickets to families that would not be able to afford them otherwise.

I know that was my own situation a few years ago.  I had 4 young children, a wife and myself and I wanted to go to see my teams play, just like my dad was able to take me when I was young.  But I was the only money earner in the house and I wasn't exactly on the corporate fast track if you know what I mean.  But I HAD to find a way.  Nothing was making itself obvious.  I would go, but rarely.  One day I saw that the Giants were having a Bobblehead giveaway  of Willie Mays.  There was NOTHING that was going to stop me from going.  There were definitely some obstacles to overcome to make it happen.  First of all, the day they picked to have this event was Mother's Day 1999.  Here I am with my own mom, who I make Eggs Benedict for every year. Just as importantly there is my wife, the mother of my own children, who I have to make the day special for, for obvious reasons.  Yet somehow with all that going on I have to convince my wife that we are going to go to a Giants game on Mother's day.  Diplomacy was obviously the order of the day!  I am no Diplomat!  Yet somehow I managed to get the six of us to the game along with a friend of my wife (I needed something to make it easier for her to accept) and each of us got our Bobble Head.  End of story, or so I thought. 

Now I have always been a collector.  Baseball cards, comic books, toys, you name it and I collected them.  As I grew I never quite lost that. So later on that year I am on eBay searching for Willie Mays baseball cards that I don't have yet.  During my search what pops up but a picture of the same bobblehead I acquired that fateful Mother's Day.  And what is the price this person is asking for this Bobblehead?  I wipe my eyes to make sure I'm not seeing things.  Sure enough the number is still the same.  $200!!!!  I could not believe my eyes.  Just like that I had a way to pay for my baseball.  Through the years I found that not every bobblehead was going to give that kind of return, obviously.  There were plenty of days when it blew up in my face for whatever reason.  But suddenly I had a plan to use to get to games and, most of the time, I would at least break even.

Needless to say I was not the only guy to notice this.  There were others that employed similar strategies but instead of simply funding their baseball fix they were coming at it with an eye to make pure profit.  Nothing wrong with that, I guess.  It is the American way after all to see an opportunity and make the most of it.  Well in that same way, it did not go unnoticed by the clubs either.  They took the same ingenuity and decided that if that's the case we will sell more tickets.  So, as that was noticed a seed began to grow in some baseball executive's brain.  It grew into the idea that if Bobbleheads make the day more important to the fans, shouldn't we charge more for that day. 

The Clubs have managed to figure out how to maximize their income out of the situation.  The entrepreneurs have managed to carve out a nice little niche with the Bobblehead market that has evolved.  But the combination of the teams and the collectible sellers getting into the deal has created a situation where the underfunded fan is again left out in the cold.  I have always felt, firsthand, the pain of the true fan.  Here at the Truefan Foundation we will strive to make it possible for any family that wants to see their team, to be there, live at the ballpark.  We all have TVs and can watch almost every game now, unlike when I was a kid.  But there is nothing like the smell of the grass and the amazing perfection of the field in a Major League ballpark.  When child are given that opportunity for the first time it can be a magical moment for many of them.  The fist time I had an event like this booked, some people came with kids that were SO HAPPY just to be there at the game that they could hardly control themselves.  While we were waiting in line together I found out that no one in the family had ever been to a Major League game before.  I could not believe that!  Attending Sports live had always been such an integral part of my life growing up that I couldn't even imagine never having been to a game.  I want every child that wants to be there to have his or her chance.  The Truefan Foundation is here to help.  If you like the sound of that, buy some Bobbleheads or a T-Shirt or any of the many giveaways we will make available for you here.  100% of the sales from these pages goes to The Truefan Foundation which in turn provides more tickets for families in the future.  Thank You!

Why aren't the Bobbleheads cheaper?

When it comes to the pricing of our Bobbleheads and other goodies, I know the question will come up, "Why aren't they cheaper?  I have seen them sell for less."  If you have, you must be watching those auctions very closely.

This may be boring but please stay with me because there is a very important finish to this portion, at least I think so and I hope you do too.  When I price my items I do so like this.  I go onto eBay and I run a search for the item in question.  I sort by lowest price and then sort for buy it now.  I find what the lowest price with shipping is and I price mine a few dollars lower.  So it should be the cheapest you can simply buy anywhere.  I'll run an Amazon search too but this sort of thing doesn't get listed there very often.  If it is I still beat the price.  So I do everything to make sure the fan is getting the best price that is readily available.  At the same time your purchase of these bobbleheads and other goodies is a major source of funding, that makes it possible for The Truefan Foundation to provide the services which make up our fundamental goal,  which is serving the children and helping to keep dreams alive, one game at a time. 

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