Bobble Heads

My story as it pertains to Bobble Heads goes some thing like this;

The minute I saw the ad for the first SF Giants Bobble Head day the Giants put on, that I was hooked. The obvious choice for such an event was clear, Willie Mays, my childhood hero.  It was 1999, the last year at Candlestick, and it was Mothers day.  From that day forward I was consumed by the thought of when and who would the next one be.  Mays was first, followed by Barry Bonds in 2000.  In 2001 the Giants went right down the list of all-time legends and picked Willie McCovey.  Since then the list has grown to staggering numbers.  If I had to guess the one you see below will be the hit of the year. That is World Series hero and Post Season MVP Madison Bumgarner and it will be given out to the first 40,000 fans entering on Tuesday night April 14th.

 Madison Bumgarner PostSeason MVP Bobble Head 

Here you see the Madison Bumgarner Postseason MVP Bobblehead.  It is scheduled to be given away on Tuesday April 14th to the first 40,000 fans at AT&T Park.  I've seen them sell on eBay already for $69.99.  Do not buy it there!  If you want one for half that price, click here.

With the advent of Special Event days the list has grown exponentially.  And you don't have to be a player to get a Bobble Head anymore.  From Lou Seal to Jerry Garcia the list of celebrity bobbles is as long if not longer than that of the players themselves.  Right now we are still two months plus away from the regular season Home Opener and there are already 15 scheduled Bobble Heads, a World Series Ring replica (sure to be a favorite), a gnome, a statue as well as about 30 OTHER events, any of which could turn out to be another bobblehead.  To say the Giants do bobbles is like saying a bear does his business in the woods.  They are both absolute facts! 

You can only do so many bobbles.  Sometimes the person already has one so they do something else.  An example: 

Bruce Lee Special Event Statue from 2013

If you are looking to acquire any Bobble Heads the Giants have given away in the past please click here for what we have available.  If you want to be certain to get the exact one you care about that is coming out sometime this year then click here

  Oakland A's do bobbles too  

Far from being forgotten, over on the other side of the bay, the Oakland Athletics have their own team of marketing whiz kids that have come up with some of the best examples of bobble brilliance ever.  I present as evidence the now famous Coco Crisp "Coco-Lean" that was done by the A's in 2013.

In this moment of marketing genius the A's seized on the craze of the moment for A's fans, the Bernie Lean dance, made famous in the cult classic "Weekend with Bernie" series of movies.  This doll is the unquestioned king of collectibles for A's fans over the past couple of years.  I have seen them sell for over $100 on eBay.  I think our price for them was $39.95 and I felt bad charging that much but the market had already been set at around 60ish so when I put mine up for basically 40 each you would not believe how fast they sold.  My point is I am not going to be content with prices like that.  The fan should get a better deal than that.  It is the goal of the Truefan Foundation to keep prices down for all your baseball needs.  Every purchase you make through these pages will help put us in a better position to make that the reality.  If you REALLY want to help buy some of the things other than Bobbleheads that we have quite a bit of.  Go to this page for other A's goodies that we have available. 

To the left you see the Carney Lansford from a few years back

To the right, the Scott Hatteburg with a sound chip so you can hear Bill King 'Go Crazy"

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