Baseball is Back!

Once again Baseball is back!  I've been waiting not very patiently for Baseball to return and that day has finally come.  AT&T Park will bear witness to the fact this evening.  It's still exhibition ball but it is live and here in the Bay Area.  Tonight will see the San Francisco Giants hosting the Oakland Athletics in what should be a very festive park.  The fact that we have live baseball would be enough for me but the fact that we get to see the first game against two local teams, giving fans a chance to come out and show their colors just makes it that much more fun.  Typically those A's fans want to make sure they are heard and the Giant fans can't let some other teams fans control things so it is usually pretty boisterous.  It is simply a great atmosphere to get the passions rolling for your team.

Both teams have seen  spring pass with no major injuries which is THE most important part of Spring training.  Yes you have to evaluate your talent and find your best 25 men but injuries can have an even bigger and obviously undesired effect.  Both teams played basically 500 ball in the spring and optimism reigns.

Tonights matchup

Johnny Cueto will start the game for the Giants.  He was arguably the Giants best pitcher last year. I say arguably because you can never dismiss MadBum.  The Giants closed Spring strong after a slow start ot finish right at 500, 16-16

Sean Manaea will take the mound to start the game for the Athletics.  He was also probably the A's best pitcher last year, mainly due to injuries to Sonny Gray.  The A's finished the Arizona schedule at 16-15.  Let's see what tonight brings.

Baseball is back

If you want to come to the game tonight I do have 6 Lower Box tickets together in section 130 and row 23.  It's going to be a great night for baseball.  Give me a ring if you want to come on out.  In addition to the Lower Box I have two sets of bleachers too all in the same section and row.  A set of 2 and a set of 4 all in row 11.  If you want some of these tickets call me (707)241-6250.  My price will be better than the Giants themselves.  Check here and then call me.  Here's their prices 

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