Barry Zito 

To the left you see the 2000 Bowman rookie card of Mr Zito.  He looks like a kid!  As he goes out there this spring I hope he does what all rookies are hoping for.  Just make the team baby!  So far he is looking good. 

What is Barry Zito thinking?  The way I see it he is thinking he can change peoples perception of who he is.  I have to admit that too many fans are "what have you done for me lately" kind of fans.  No sense of history, know what I mean?  Since that is more the majority than the exception, I applaud Barry Zito for what he is trying to do.  I have to admit right now that Zito most likely is not thinking about all this stuff.  He is and always has been a pretty laid back guy.  But I am not a laid back sports fan.  So when I am at a game or out in the world and hear people talking trash like, "Why is Zito even trying a comeback, he was never any good to begin with," I have to bite my tongue before I start in on the history lecture.  Giants fans in particular are guilty of this.  I ask you one thing Giants fans.  How many World Series did the Giants have in SF before he came here?  Are you laughing at me right now?  You might be thinking "Zito didn't even pitch in the playoffs in 2010 and in 2012 he didn't do anything special."  If you are thinking those kind of thoughts shame on you!  While it is true that all of his numbers in the Giants portion of his career pale in comparison to his numbers as an Athletic, in 2012 his contributions are impossible to dismiss.  Not only did he go 15-8 in the regular season, but he was 8-2 after the All-Star break.  Without his performance in St Louis when everybody thought the Giants were going to be eliminated, would they have had a chance to celebrate?  After watching what Madison Bumgarner did in the playoffs last year, it is easy to forget that baseball is the ultimate team sport.  But Zito was never the ace for the Giants that he was supposed to be when they signed him to that gigantic contract, and maybe that makes it impossible for Giants fans to appreciate what he did during his time in SF. 

Why Giant's fans should appreciate Barry Zito more

Furthermore, I have to point out some other things that most fans would never consider, but may very well have been key to ALL of the titles that the Giants have.  Baseball, more than any other major sport in America, is the one sport in which the magical element of "Chemistry" seems to have the most influence.  In basketball, you can go back and say the names Lebron, Kobe, Michael, Bird, Magic, Kareem and all the way back to Bill Russell, and you can see where superior talent typically prevails.  Football is probably second in any ranking of chemistry's influence, but while it is true that teams can go from the bottom of the standings to champions in football, in the end it still seem to me like it takes superior physical talent to win it all.  In Baseball, more than any other sport, the importance of momentum/confidence/chemistry cannot be quantified or underestimated.  Baseball is also the longest season and the sport with the most games by far!  What that means is that almost everyday for more than half the year, baseball players are together daily.  The chances for one player to have an influence on others on his team are there everyday.  You can't you tell me that Barry Zito's presence in the clubhouse didn't play a role in how the younger starters for the Giants developed as players.  Sure, it has been Lincecum, Cain and Bumgarner who garnered most of the headlines and the praise after the championship years, but who can tell me how Zito might have helped to shape them as pitchers?  Did watching Zito struggle, and the calm composed way in which he handled those struggles, have an effect on the other pitchers?  Were there open conversations between Zito and the others about how you handle it and what it takes to be a professional?  These are the type of questions we will probably never know the answer to, but even if it was never spoken it was witnessed by those kids and it had to have an effect.  I'm not trying to give Barry Zito all the credit, but to if you want to dismiss the things I'm bringing up as irrelevant, then you are choosing ignorance.  I am simply trying to enlighten you to the possibilities.

Barry Zito's career stats and awards page

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