Athletics v Giants!

Bay Area baseball fans have their first chanced to see the Athletics v Giants tonight April 2nd at AT&T Park.  We will be there and we hope you have the chance to get out to the park tonight as well.  I'm going to be out there tonight trying find one or two families to be the lucky winners of my first giveaway tickets.  If you are there you just might find me. 

The A's have had a fantastic spring training, leaving Arizona with a 21-9 record.  The Giants, on the other hand, have had their fair share of  trouble getting ready to defend their World Series title.  They did manage to finish strong.  I think they went 5-2 over the last 7 games but overall their record was 11-20.  The key thing to take from spring training though is the fact the games don't count!  Neither do any of the three games the two teams will play through Saturday.  They do give you an indication of how they are feeling and swinging going into the season but you don't have to worry about the numbers because they all disappear on Opening day! 

The Bay Bridge Series
Athletics v Giants

The Bay Bridge series that takes place each year around this time is without question one of my favorite series of the year.  First you have the fact that it always reintroduces baseball to us for the new year!  I know Spring training games have been going on for a month, but I still have never had the chance to break away and get to Arizona, so for me this is the first game of the year EVERY year.  I get a chance to get out to the Park and see the many faces that I have come to know and become friends with over my years as a season ticket holder.  I like to go in the same gate every game and I know a lot of my fellow fanatics that do the same.  It is our first chance to see each other and catch up on all the details of how each others families are doing and if any major things are going on in their lives!

That is a picture of me over to the left.

If you see me feel free to say hi.  I might be in section 130, 302, 138, 143, 107, or any number of sections as I need to visit friends on this fantastic day!  I hope I get the chance to see and meet you as well.  I am never afraid to talk baseball!  If you like what you're reading, and want to know more about who we are and what we are trying to do, go to our home page and check it out.  We are changing and refining the message we want to present, but the core goal of putting needy families in the stands will always be what we do. 

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