Angel Pagan  

Angel Pagan is coming into 2015 with a big question mark on his back.  Yes, it is true that with him in the lineup the Giants record is significantly better than without him in the lineup.  Yet somehow the San Francisco Giants managed to win the World Series without him.  There is no doubt that he is being counted on to round back into the great center fielder the Giants have become accustomed to.  Now that they will be dealing with the loss of Hunter Pence for a while at least to start the season, the importance of Pagan being all he used to be is only multiplied.  I love Gregor Blanco in center for his defense, but something about left field with the spin on the ball and the angles it creates that makes me worry about him in left.  I think deep down Nori Aoki is a fine defensive outfielder but the bricks in right field at AT&T would challenge anyone to handle perfectly from the start.  So Pagan will be expected to cover a lot of ground in Center.  When he is leading off, which I expect his spot in the lineup to be, it will be all that much more important to get on as much as possible, since Hunter Pence's clutch bat won't be there to drive him in, or protect Buster Posey so he has a better pitch to do the job.  What I expect is that, as in the past, as goes Angel Pagan, so will the Giants go. 

Angel Pagan's history and collectibles

Angel Pagan has been a fan favorite for some time now, and because of that he has had a few promos done based on him.  The first one I think I should mention is the bobblehead from last year.  It was done in the form of the moment he slid across the plate with the winning run on his inside the park home run against the Rockies in 2013.  There was a beanie with his name and number on it last year and I remember a t-shirt as well. 

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