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I want to welcome you to the Voice of the Truefan.  It is my plan to use this site as a venue to spew my own brand of Sports talk for all to read.  It is an activity I should have been doing my whole life since it is most of what I talk about when I am not at work. Heck it is what I talk about most at work too.  When it comes to sports knowledge I dare say I am very well rounded as well.  I follow the NBA, NFL, MLS (not so much) Barclays Premier League (more than MLS), NHL, CFL, on the rare occasion when I can find Aussie rules football I love it and can even explain what's going on.  All of these and more, NASCAR, Volleyball, Track and Field, Skiing and let us not forget EVERY Olympic sport they can possibly put on TV.  I can even clearly remember watching Ray Stevens, Pat Patterson, Haystack Calhoun and that crowd wrestle, or perhaps I should say wrassle, when I was about 3 years old with my Uncle Earl.  I would watch them all if I had the time.  I have a 48 ball run playing pool, I was a Ping Pong champion and if you and I make up a sport in the back yard tomorrow, I will be able to tell you the story of that day and the rules 20 years from now.  I eat, drink and sleep sports.

But, without question the king of leagues as far as I am concerned is the focus of this page.  BASEBALL!  Good ole American Major League Baseball.  It was the first game I watched growing up.  Why?  Because back then you had the Major League Baseball Game of the Week come on every Saturday morning on NBC.  Now my Saturday morning as a very young kid consisted of waking up and getting myself a bowl of some kind of sugary cereal and plopping myself down to watch cartoons.  It didn't matter when they ended I was watching until something boring came on.  My favorite cartoons were mostly on NBC.  Space Ghost was early, followed by HR Puffenstuff, a show which I didn't realize just how cool it was until I saw those shows again as an adult.  The Banana Splits was usually the last cartoon of the day as I remember.  Depending on the time of the game of the week that day, those Splits might be followed by a movie, in which case off goes the TV and I would go outside to play.  But sometime around age 5 I started noticing that most Saturdays cartoons would be followed by this game called baseball and I was immediately and eternally hooked. 

I was and remain to this day a pretty good athlete.  I could always throw a ball and get adults to be surprised at how well I could simply throw at a young age.  But the things I saw on TV seemed magical to me.  You have to remember this was the era of mid to late 60's.  The stars of that time were names like Mays, Mantle, Aaron, Yastremski... I could go on forever but you get the point.  It was the Golden age of baseball as far as I am concerned.  I think I must have been 4 actually when I started caring, because I clearly remember Sandy Koufax pitching a game on one of those Saturday mornings and I did not understand how he made the ball move like that when he threw it.  I was fascinated and needed to learn how to do what he did with a ball.  Little did I realize that he might be a once in a lifetime talent, and he would retire and never pitch again after that '66 season.  A tragedy I tell you.

So why is it called "Voice of the Truefan"?

If you've seen me at the game then you have already heard the Voice of the Truefan.  This page is an extension of me doing what I always have.  Talking sports with other sports fans.  There's no place else I'd rather be.  Welcome.

If you are anywhere near my age I hope this resonates with you.  If you are younger and want some current talk and analysis of your favorite team, please bear with me.  I do plan on keeping current and not just telling a bunch of old stories.  It's after 1 and I need to hit the hay.  Hope you come back again soon.  For now, I'm the Truefan, signing off..

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