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Welcome fans to the Truefan archives!  Here will be the eventual location of the past compilations of my many(hopefully) posts as the Truefan.  In the future this I foresee as the place to find the links to all my previous posts.  The ones I like enough to keep at least.  For now I leave you with the one.

So begins The Truefan Archives

Welcome Baseball fans, you have found what I hope will be a place you like to stop by for info on Baseball in general, with an inclination towards the collectibles and ticket side of things.  Hopefully there will be enough good info here to keep you coming back for more.  For now I leave you with the first page I posted.  As I write this, it is still up as my home page so if it looks familiar don't worry.  I will not just be cut and pasting and renaming pages.  I'm no half-stepper.  My experience as either one, website builder or journalist, is practically non-existent.  My experience as a fan, however, spans almost half a century of day after day dedication and I'm sure you will see, through my words, my passion for the subject.  I want to share that passion, hopefully granting you an insight into something about the game you hadn't noticed before.  And remember, pitchers and catchers report in less than two weeks!!!

This was the first home page and
THE first page I ever built on the web.

Hi Baseball fans, I don't know what has brought you here, but I would like to.  Are you looking for Bay Area baseball Bobble Heads info?  If so, you have found the right place.  My name is Mark Harris and I am a guy that has the stuff.  Tickets, bobbles, t-shirts, hats, rings you name it.  Many would call me obsessed and I could not say they are wrong.  I have made it my goal to help fans get what they are looking for from baseball.  If you just want to see the games live and in person, I can help you get in for less than anywhere and often FREE!  If you are someone who, like myself, wants the goodies but you just can't make it to the game, I am your guy.  Maybe you need that bobblehead for your son, or the T-shirt for your girlfriend and your schedule won't let you get there. That's when I can help.  If that's why you are here then relax, you've found the right place and let's get ready for Baseball.  I can't wait!

If you are like me, then you have been very impatiently waiting for this weekend!  Both the World Champion San Francisco Giants, and their cross-bay rivals, the Oakland Athletics are holding their FanFest this weekend.  The SF Giants FanFest 2015 kicks off Saturday February 7th at AT&T Park where tickets will go on sale at 8AM and then the gates will open at 10AM giving fans their first chance to see most of the players since the parade. I believe it ends at 3PM so don't be late.

  It should be a veritable love fest for the fans, and I'm sure the players will love the first hour or so, at least till their autograph hand starts to cramp.  Given the swell of fans that are gonna be there, my advice is be there early.  And remember, these guys are baseball players not PR guys so if they have a little grouchy moment, again remember this is not what they do.  They are smooth as silk on the field but chatting with fans is not what got em to the top of the mountain, so be understanding if they are not champions at making it a perfect day for YOU.  They ARE champions on the stage that matters to all of us. 

If it doesn't get said enough to the players on Saturday, I say it here, Thank you to the 2014 World Champion San Francisco Giants, the baseball team I have loved since childhood.  Not once, not twice but three times in the last five years, you the Giants have fulfilled the hope we had every year but was never realized.  For you the players, I know you appreciate the accomplishment because it's a pinnacle you have been reaching for since childhood.  But for the long-time fans, the ones that had been around since the team moved here, or perhaps you were born right around the time they moved here and grew up with one focus, "THE GIANTS!"  For those fans 2010 was as good as it gets and 2012 and now 2014 are truly icing on the cake, and yet each had moments that were magical making each of the championship years special in their own way.  For those long suffering fans, days like the FanFest are both a nightmare and the ultimate celebration. A nightmare because of the sheer mass of humanity that will be there Saturday, which frankly just was not part of the deal when I was  kid.   A celebration because of the many reasons I should not have to list here. but most importantly because we did not have events like this when I was a kid.  There was no such thing as a FanFest.  We might look back on our yesterday as a simpler time, and I think it was, but with the complexities of this era come great events like the FanFest.  Thank goodness for progress and for Baseball!

I wish they still had the pricing structure they had back when I was a kid.  I don't mean so much the same exact price as then, just one price for all the games and if they have a bobble or something, bonus.  But unfortunately we all know those days aren't coming back.  Damn dynamic pricing!  Sorry for getting all nostalgic there, back to the subject.

Across the bay in Oakland the Athletics will be holding their FanFest On Sunday February 8th at the o.Co Coliseum with the gates opening at 9AM and the festivities beginning at 10AM.  There will be numerous autograph locations and loads of other fun and interactive activities.  The Athletics were my younger brothers favorite team so they grew on me.  Now, given the end to last season and some of the, I'll say it, confusing trades and decisions of the last 8 months, I'm certain there won't be the crowd there will be at AT&T on Saturday.  But in reality isn't that a good thing for Truefans.  You will have more chance to see and maybe get in a few real words with your favorite player, past or present. 
I haven't seen the roster of players that are going to show up for either team, but I hope for the best and more often than not we find who we are looking for.  Good Luck to the players on both teams that this is a weekend of nothing but good fan interaction.  Good Luck to the fans on finding the players you most want to autograph your stuff.  No matter what though when this weekend is all over we will all be just that much closer to hearing one of my favorite two word phrases of all time, almost everyday from the beginning of Spring until someday just after Halloween, called out by the Home Plate umpire, "Play Ball!"

The site will be filling up over the next few months with info for the Truefans out there.  I have got almost a thousand tickets earmarked to be given away FREE.  So please check back often and if you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to send them to me.  For now I will work with my old school info.  Email:   Phone number:  (707)241-6250  

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