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I remember the first time I met Stephen Vogt, just over one year ago, at the 2014 FanFest at o.Co Coliseum.  I was there nice and early and my only wish was to be able to get a Sonny Gray autograph.  I was lucky enough to find him at the very first stop for autographs that day.  I was head over heels.  There are usually two guys at each autograph station.  I had my son there with me and asked him who is the other guy.  Neither one of us knew him.  It was Stephen Vogt.  One short year later and he has become a fan favorite.  I love his versatility and desire to just get on the field, no matter how.  This is a catcher and he was out there as an outfielder last year and did a fine job out there.  This year after the roster moves of the off season, it would appear he has a stranglehold on the Catcher spot for the A's.  With the roster the A's have to work with, pitching will be the key to success if the A's are to have any success at all.  That means, Mr Vogt, that as well as your fantastic attitude in the clubhouse, your handling of the staff may be the difference for the A's.  Congratulations and good luck in 2015! 

Here is a picture of that first autograph stop that I spoke of.  Sonny Gray is the focus but over there on the right is you know who.

Sorry Stephen, I even got to see you again at a later stop that day, this time with Drew Pomeranz, but didn't snap off a pic.  I haven't been much of a camera guy until recently.  That will change this year.  After all, I'm gonna need a lot of pics to put up on these pages.

What kind of Stephen Vogt goodies are there this year?

In 2015 the Oakland Athletics are going to have a Stephen Vogt Bobblehead Day.  The first 15,000 fans in the coliseum that day will receive one of these babies.  The A's do not have a picture  up yet but it is being called a referee bobblehead with sound.  I can't wait to see what the sound chip says.  

Correction!  Picture is now available on the A's promos page.  Here it is to the right.

If you are looking for the stats on number 21, then you can click on this link.

Stephen Vogt Referee Bobblehead w/sound

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