Sonny Gray  

Hopefully Sonny Gray will be the kid that the A's use as their message to fans that they are no longer going to be the best minor league team in America.  What do I mean by that?  Isn't it obvious?  If you are a longtime passionate fan of the Oakland Athletics you would have to admit that they are not what you could call a free spending team.  In fact they are the exact opposite.  At some point I think the A's fans deserve more.  I think Sonny Gray is the perfect vehicle to send that message.  A few years back the team across the bay made a big splash with the signing of Matt Cain to great big deal.  That same off-season they also gave a long-term deal to their young stud of a pitcher Madison Bumgarner that did not get the same national attention.  But I knew that was going to be the better deal in the long run.  Incredible value was packed into that contract, because of his time in the majors, the first few years were unnecessary because the Giants essentially owned him.  Not really but he was locked up for a bit.  That contract just locked him up for a few years beyond that, and given what he has done since it has proven to be brilliant.  The message was loud and clear to the fans and, more importantly, to Madison himself.  That contract said we want you here and respect your talent enough to show you the only way that really matters.  To try to lock you up so nobody else can get you.  That is exactly the kind of message the A's ownership needs to send the fans and to their players.  Send the message that when the options run out the A's will do what it takes to keep their talent and become champions.  Billy Beane pulling off deals to get youth that surprises is not a strategy to win a World Series and if ownership isn't going to go for it then move over and let another billionaire take a swing.  I bet Larry Ellison would spend a little something to keep his talent if he had the chance.  We here at The Truefan Foundation have had 3 chances to meet the kid in person and every time he was impressive.  On the field that is usually the case, too.  If you are going to pick a kid to hitch your wagon to, you could do a lot worse than Sonny Gray!

What kind of stuff are the A's doing of Sonny Gray?

In 2015 the A's are having at least 2 Sonny Gray Giveaway items.  The first one takes place the first weekend of the season, Friday April 10th.  The first 15,000 fans in the Coliseum that night will receive one of the jerseys you see to the right

I almost forgot.  I promised you his stats.  If you want to see his numbers click here.

Pictures of the Jersey and eventually the Gnome are taken from the Athletics 2015 Promtional Schedule.

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