Sergio Romo  

Sergio Romo is a champion in many ways.  First and foremost in evidence, the three World Series Rings he can show off whenever he feels like it.  He has a versatility that is unchallenged.  No he doesn't change his delivery from one year to the next, but look at how his role has changed.  In 2010 he was a rock as the setup man, simply making the 8th inning his.  2011 was a fantastic year statistically for Sergio and by 2012 he was the closer, the man that shuts the door and he slammed it shut.  2014 brought some struggles and he lost the closers role but he eventually found his rhythm again to aid in getting the Giants to another title.  Many in that situation might have made a fuss about getting the closer's spot back.  Sergio just did what Sergio does.  Came in with a great attitude and a smile on his face and did whatever the skipper said.  And if there was some joking to be done you could bet he would be yucking it up.  He is a Champion, both on the field and in the clubhouse and the Giants are lucky to have him back for 2015.  Long may he remain and reign.  We here at The Truefan Foundation want to be just like him.  We want a long successful run during which we will be beloved by the fans of the San Francisco Giants.  If we can even approach those goals, we will consider it to be a success.

  Sergio Romo Bobbleheads and stuff 

Sergio Romo Bobblehead from Cinco de Mayo 2012
Yes it's a #BusterHugs T-Shirt but that's Sergio he's hugging

I know there was a Special Event Bobblehead the same day as the one you see to the left and it had the same pose but with the colors of the Mexican Flag as the base.

Cinco de Mayo does happen to be the day for Romo giveaways.  Another example is the Garden Gnome you see to the left.  They were Given out on May 5th of 2013.

I always try to remember to make a players statistics available so here is a link to Sergio's stats.

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