Madison Bumgarner

What do you want to know about Madison Bumgarner?  If you are looking for the basic stuff like stats and awards and all that then you might want to check here.  This page will focus more on the things you have to be at the game to get.  Like the 2014 Playoff MVP Bobblehead that will be given to the first 40,000 fans in the park on the first home game of the season.  that game takes place on Tuesday night April 14th with first pitch set for 7:15, which means the gates open at 5:15 and I should have one in my hands by 5:20 at the latest. 

Would you like to be there to see the game but don't really care about the Bobblehead.  The cheapest ticket the Giants have for sale is $45 each and you are left with obstructed view in 336.  With all the online fees you are looking at $108.50 for a pair.  How would you like to pay $24 each?  Or maybe just $12 each?  Depending on how early you want to show up you can be in for $12 each.  It's the Madison Bumgarner Bobblehead that makes it possible.  If you want that kind of deal then click here.

Madison Bumgarner Goodies

I'm sure I will find more stuff with MadBum's name or image on it, but for now enjoy these two items.

I think I might be wearing my MadBum Camo Cap that was given out last year.

But the focus that night will be on that baby to the right.  I'm sure it will have a place of honor on many a shelf around the Bay Area. 

Madison Bumgarner on eBay

It's funny to me how amazingly fast people are to worry.  As I write this it is the evening of the Giants first Spring training game.  So he got roughed up a bit in his Spring debut.  I was in a restaurant and people are asking me if I think everything is Ok with Madbum.  I had to laugh!  I told them, "Relax, he's been roping and branding cattle in the off season.  You use different muscles for that.  Give him a couple starts will ya!"  If there's one thing I don't worry about that is the performance I am going to see in 2015 by Mr. Madison Bumgarner.  Every start isn't gonna be like the World Series with him looking untouchable, but over the course of 162 (hopefully plus) games I think he is going to be just fine.

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