MadBum Camo Cap

The MadBum Camo Cap is one of the items that make the San Francisco Giants the Kings of the Major League giveaway day!  For the most part the Giants are the closest thing to a guaranteed sell out there is.  For that reason they have gone to an approach where they often make 40,000 giveaways available so practically everyone gets the giveaway.  The Madbum Camo Cap was an exception to that approach.  For whatever reason they only had 20,000 of these caps made.  For that reason it became a simple situation of supply and demand.  MadBum had quickly become the guy all Giants fans recognized as The Dude.  For the Giants to go anywhere Madison Bumgarner was gonna have to show'em the way.  Hell, at the end there he just hoisted the Giants up on his back and said, "Here we go!"  Given that, how many Giants fans do you think wanted this cap?  Even now, 4 months later, the cheapest one you can buy on eBay is over $30 with shipping.  I only have a few but my price is the BEST as usual. 

Here's a picture of the MadBum Camo Cap

Over here is the deal $29 + $1 shipping        Find a better price and I might lower mine so go look.                  

The Cap is great but I just want to find the Bobbleheads!  What can you do for me?

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