Hunter Pence  

Hunter Pence is a guy that just looks like a baseball player, right up until you see him running around on the field.  He's got a throwing motion that looks different, almost awkward.  At the plate he is the essence of herky-jerky.  Every swing looks like he is swinging from his heels with no real idea of what he is doing.  I don't think anyone would call his running style smooth.  But none of that matters to fans.  In fact those are the things that make me notice and appreciate him all that much more.  Through the years, every coach he ever had probably tried to change his style because they wanted to help him succeed.  His is not a style that screams, "Major League talent here!"  But these very same things are what now make him special to fans like me.  That strength of character, so necessary to persevere in a game full of incredible athletes, is the same character that enabled him to stand up before game 3 in Cincinnati and deliver the inspirational speech he is so famous for among Giants fans now.  It's that all-in mentality that made him so important to the Giants and their Championship runs in 2012 and 2014 and will make him one of my favorites, no matter what! 

What kind of Hunter Pence goodies are there?

To the left you see the Hunter Pence Fence Catch Bobblehead.  It will be given out on May 9th, 2015  Don't buy it on eBay until you see our price.  We'll have a link up soon.

To the right you see the Hunter Pence Scooter Bobblehead that was given out in 2014

There is also a Hunter Pence Scooter bobblehead that the Giants did as part of their "Bobblehead of the Month" series.  Only 150 were made and they are individually numbered.  They sold out almost immediately.  The price for those on the secondary market is about double what they actually cost new.  I did not get one and I refuse to pay the amount I see (which is somewhere around $150 and up) just to have one. 

That is sort of the philosophy that drives the existence of The Truefan Foundation in the first place.  I respect and appreciate the free market system, supply and demand and all that, very rare stuff, blah, blah, blah.  In the case of something that is limited to only 150 pieces it is truly rare, BUT I grew tired and disgusted by the actions of many who were doing the same type of business as me but with an entirely different approach.  They would sell the Bobbleheads that had just come out that day and 40,000 were produced, yet they would tell people they were "going for 50 on ebay already" and try to suck 40 out of a fan for some thing I just gave to him for maybe 15 or 20 and I had a case or two.  As I said before I was disgusted!  I like to think of myself as a simple facilitator.  Doing all I can to get fans the stuff at the BEST price anywhere and If I find a lower price I would change mine to match it at least!  The Truefan Foundation exists for one reason.  To give the fans the best deal possible, Period.  The activities might change depending on the fan involved but the core philosophy is that!  Giving the fans the best deal available! 

It was not my intention to write any of that paragraph just above, but I blame it on the Hunter Pence Factor.  I was thinking about him and his speech from 2012 in Cincinnati, and suddenly those words above just started to come out of me. 

I always promise service and haven't given you access yet to any Hunter Pence stats.  As I plug in that link I did a little reading on that page and found at least one small but important thing you might miss if you didn't really dig.  To have read this far down the page you are probably a pretty big fan of Mr Pence.  If so and you are out at AT&T Park on Opening day April 13th, you should know that will be Hunter Pence's birthday!  Make a sign and show him some birthday love.  I'll be out there that day and many others this year and I will show him traditional fan love every game.  Everyday is another chance for him to inspire.  It may not happen everyday but with Hunter, I'll take what he gives me gladly, and for many years to come I hope!

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