Recent Giants Signings

Fans I talk to think 2016 is shaping up nicely after a couple of recent Giants signings.  As I write this it is December 14th.  2015 ended in dramatically bad fashion.  A team that seemed primed to make a run early in August if they could get healthy, instead crashed and burned in a blaze of still more injuries.  To me and all true Giants fans out there, the realization that what has been the strength of the team in the Championship years, Pitching, was taking the biggest hit.  All time Giants hero Tim Lincecum has sustained damage that will most likely mean he can never again do the amazing things he once could.  Matt Cain seemed like a no-brainer when the Giants gave him that last big contract, but injuries have left him with a big question mark hanging over his head.

So when the Giants went out and gave Jeff Samardzija 5 years and 90 million I started to believe again.  After watching David Price got 31 million a year for 7 years I was worried the market was getting stupidly out of hand and the Giants wouldn't want to play.  After all they are one of the smartest organizations in the game.  Not every signing works out perfectly but this team doesn't usually spend stupid money.  I have heard some say he got too much but with Samardzija I think the Giants have again spent their money wisely. 

He is entering the years that are usually the best years of a pitchers career, late 20's-early 30's, and he has great velocity and less wear and tear than most pitchers his age because of his varied athletic history.  The fact that he had options because of his football talent meant that he wasn't throwing EVERYDAY like most kids with real baseball talent so his arm should, theoretically, be good to go for at least the 5 years on this contract.

Now the most recent of the Giants signings,
Johnny Cueto!

I kept saying that the Giants signings would include some quality pitching to make up for what have been some big losses on the pitching staff.  Jeff Samardzija is coming off the worst year of his career, and for all those out there who work under the "What have you done for me lately" philosophy he might seem like a swing and a miss but I like the signing.  So for that type of fan the Giants have gone out and gathered one of last years World Series heroes, Johnny Cueto.  What amazes me is that he comes with a price tag that is surprisingly fair to me.  He did experience some arm trouble last year and that is no doubt the reason for the seeming discount but if his arm is right this will be money well spent.  Last year was also one of his worst as far as stats go, but the Giants seem to think as I do that he, like Jeff Samardzija, is also in the prime of his career and should come out next year and pitch like the champion he now knows he is.

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