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Welcome Giants fans, The 2015 Giants Players have yet to be picked, but here is one man's idea of how it night play out.  My name is Mark Harris.  I provide most of the content here at and I will strive to provide you with content about San Francisco Giants players that you won't find everywhere else.  If career stats are important, like they are to me, you can find stats for each player through the links I will be putting on this page.  As I write this, in the middle of February, the active and the 40 man rosters are the same.  When we emerge from spring training and the 2015 Giants take form the two pages will change drastically.  There are currently 20 pitchers on the active roster.  Somehow I am sure we won't break camp with that many, but I'm getting away from the subject.  If you want to stay completely current on the Giants players you might want to check out the Active roster or the 40 man roster at the Giants official website.  Hopefully some rookie shows up in Spring Training and makes it impossible for the the Giants to cut him.  For now though here's my take on who the logical choices are to start the 2015 season as San Francisco Giants players on Opening Day.

2015 San Francisco Giants Players?
My logic says it will be these guys

Okay, I get it.  We haven't got a single ball even tossed around at spring training and I'm gonna have the audacity to name the Giants players that will be on the Opening day roster?!?  Well, that's the beautiful thing about the game.  Every single one of us can have a take as long as at the end of the day you are capable of saying the words, "I guess I was wrong."  The key is not having to draw on that ability to be humble TOO often.  If everything you put on paper ends up making people think you don't know what you're talking about, maybe you should write less and put up more links to people that actually know what they're talking about.  So whether you think I might know what I'm talking about, or just want to be able laugh at me for knowing nothing, please read on if you've gotten this far.

For today we will cover the Starting Pitchers
OK why 7?  Only 5 will start

The San Francisco Giants are perhaps the only team in MLB to be able to say they have a staff of 7 qualified Major League quality starters.  Furthermore they are, in my opinion, the only team with enough chemistry to be able to keep all of them on the roster and content with their role.  It's amazing how much chemistry you can build when you win 3 World Series titles in 5 years.  Out of these 7 pitchers, 5 will emerge to start the season as "starters", but I would be willing to bet that, over the course of the year, each of them will end up starting at least one game unless the Giants make a trade.  Time will tell.  For now here's my read on the                 Starters.

 Tim Lincecum 

I think Tim Lincecum needs to focus on what got him success.  Velocity is absolutely key in my opinion.  By this I don't mean he has to be able to throw 97 again.  To expect that at this point in his career is foolish.  It was awesome to have 97 to blow them away in a pinch, but his BEST pitch when he was winning those Cy Young awards was his change up.  Trevor Hoffman had a Hall of Fame career with little more than a change up.  Put that pitch in your bag, Timmy and throw it.  Find that point where you look like you're throwing the fastball, but you can put it at or below the knees at 76 (not 84) without it riding up into the strike zone.  When you have that kind of velocity difference and you can pinpoint the ball, I believe you could be dominant again!  Embracing and perfecting the change up is KEY to being anything like the undeniable force you used to be!

  This is the review I least want to write.  So, I figure I will get it out of the way first.  Tim Lincecum has had a few years in a row of diminishing returns.  The World Series of 2012 is the model that I see as the Giants best way to utilize this fan favorite.  I say this based on his style.  He has the ability to warm-up almost instantly by all accounts.  Given the fact that his attitude has always been that winning is all important, he seems most emotionally suited to it also.  It's hard to say a two time Cy Young award winner is the best fit to become a reliever and handle the perceived downgrade of responsibilities.  But I believe the bulldog within him will allow him to handle that role and thrive in it.  With the exception of Petit I don't see that out of the others in this section.  Hudson is a pro and could emotionally handle ANY role, but his body isn't suited to it.  Peavy is still a man who runs hot!  I just don't hink he'd like coming out of the pen.  Besides, injuries happen and if you're getting regular work out of the pen, Timmy, better than anybody, could re-transition back to a starter because of that inherent rubber arm he is famous for. 

Madison Bumgarner

I think Madison needs to keep doing whatever it is he has done so far.  I think his particular brand of attitude, determination and physical ability will keep him in a good spot going forward.  He is probably the most important of the Giants Players.  When it comes down to Madison Bumgarner, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.  As I write those words I think back to the Sports Illustrated article where it talked about, now I'm paraphrasing here so this might not be quotable but it went some thing like this, the Giants were trying to change his mechanics early on as a minor leaguer.  Madison had a few bad starts in a row.  He went to the manager and said he needed to go back to what he knew.  As soon as he did everything straightened out.  You keep doing what you know to be right and I'll take what you give me Madison!

This is the review that will be, out of all the Giants Players, the easiest to write.  I think it's gonna be short and sweet.  Best pitcher in the game, period!

Well I thought it would be short but, as you see over to the left of this, once I start talking MadBum I just can't shut up.  Since I have some space to fill check out the Madison Bumgarner Camo Cap from 2014.  They are available here.

Matt Cain

I think Matt Cain could be one of the most important Giants Players in 2015.  Whether repeating as champs or having similar years to 2011 and 2013, a lot depends on the arm of Matt Cain. 

Yes, he had major surgery that ended 2014, but from what I am hearing he should be in good shape to start the 2015 season.  Whether or not he is able to be the pitcher he was, a true stopper when necessary, we shall see.  He has had so many years of offensive support that could only be called, sorry, offensive, and that is the last thing Cain needs to start 2015.  A little run support early in the game and everything is gonna be alright.  Most Giants fans don't remember the first year of Matt Cain in the Majors and the immediate potential he showed us. 

This is the review I want more than any other to be true! 

Matt Cain is a guy I have appreciated since he went 2-1 as a rookie.  He only got seven starts that year but if you get a chance click on this link and you can check out his stats.  From day one you could see that he was a kid that had a fairly unflappable attitude.  He was a natural inning eater.  He is the man I called "The Horse" before everyone started using that nickname for Brandon Belt.  Giants fans should all hope for a return of "The Horse", and if that's what we get I think 2015 will be OK!

The Matt Cain Lunch Bag.  It was a kids only giveaway in 2011

Jake Peavy

I think the fact that the Jake Peavy trade last year got so little fanfare last year is very reminiscent of the lack of noise that accompanied the acquisition of Marco Scutaro in 2012.  Nobody seemed to take much notice at the moment either of those moves happened, but without the Giants finding those two players, they don't make the playoffs either year.  Let's hope the fate of Peavy doesn't mirror what has happened to Marco since 2012.  I certainly don't see that coming. 

I don't see anything in the promo lineup yet giving love to Mr Peavy.  We have Playoff Heroes Bobblehead days, but without Jake, we might never have seen the Playoffs.  Maybe we need to start a campaign for the social media special event this year, Jake Peavy, the unsung hero!  There I wrote it on Feb 18th! 

This review will stun many of you.  Jake Peavy could very well be the Giants #2 starter right now.  Yes MadBum might be the best clutch pitcher on the planet, but from the time the Giants got Jake Peavy until the end of the regular season he was one of the best pitchers in the game and his stats bear that out.  Matt Cain has a long history but coming off an injury he is a question mark, Lincecum is the picture of inconsistency lately.  At times Timmy looks like he could regain his previous form and at others...  I do think the contract the Giants gave Mr Peavy is brilliant.  Cheap money in 2015 (relatively) with a solid increase in 2016.  If he implodes this year any team in contention would pick up that contract for a Cy Young winner with 2 straight rings.  But implosion is not what I am expecting.  I don't know what his problem was in the first half of last year but the guy I saw finish the season for the Giants was a killer, and I can't wait to see what he does in 2015.

Ryan Vogelsong

I think Ryan Vogelsong personifies the determination required to be a champion.  He had possibly the toughest road to get to where he is, of any of the Giants players.  He endured more years of the minors and overseas than most players are willing to take and keep on coming back for more.  2012 was his break out year.  2014 was up and down, but a 4.00 era out of a guy considered to be your 4th or 5th starter ain't bad.  He's a Giant again for 2015 and I for one am very pleased.

This review is the one I am happiest to be ABLE to right.  It looked like the Giants were going to lose one of the players that got them there.  We Giants fans all know he was a free agent this off season and he was being courted by a few teams.  According to rumors, an announcement was close on him signing with another team.  But as we have learned since, Ryan Vogelsong is one of the Giants Players that simply bleeds Orange and Black.  Through all the conjecture and the rumors, he wasn't going to sign until he gave the Giants a chance to make their offer and when that came, the choice was clear.  Thank goodness we get more of that particular brand of Vogie Tunnel Vision on the days he starts. 

Tim Hudson

I think Tim Hudson has to be able to regain his form from the first half of 2014 if he is to remain among the starting staff.  Deep in my heart what I believe, maybe hope is a better fit, is that Tim Hudson had some type of small injury that made it difficult to finish his pitches.  All I know is that Tim Hudson has lived in the bottom third of the strike zone all of his career.  That's one of the reasons he has one of the best career winning percentages in the history of the game.  At the end of last year though that is not what I was seeing.  His pitches were leaking up in the zone, and if you give Major Leaguers pitches in that part of the zone bad things happen.  I've got to believe that Hudson was just playing the role of the consummate professional by never mentioning the issues he was dealing with.  So I'm hoping he had a restful off season and that he comes back ready to finish almost every pitch low in the zone.  That will, almost certainly mean success in 2015.

This review is not easy for me to write.  I've always been a guy that lived by the rule that if you don't have something nice to say then shut up.  But I realize that if all I say on this site is the sweet and kind stuff and tell you everyone is going to be the same as they were, this would get pretty boring fast so some hard truths are in order occasionally.  Bruce Bochy is a manager who has shown an affinity to remain loyal to veterans as long as possible but knows when and how to swing the proverbial ax when the time comes.  I don't want to be the one to say it but last season was the first in which Hudson ended the season with a losing record, EVER.  If we don't start seeing that classic hard fastball that looks like it is going to be mid thigh before taking that downward tilt in the last 10 feet and ending up almost in the dirt, Bochy might have to get a good edge on that ax.  That sinking fastball is the pitch Giants players need to see this year.  If that is not what we see, it might be time to make way for the last name on this list of seven. 

For now though, I just want to see him snap it off like he has since he first came to the Bay Area with the A's in 1999.


I think that Yusmeiro Petit is one of the Giants players that will have to deal with some frustration in 2015.  There are very few pitchers that can lay out a resume with the level of performance that Mr Petit can provide.  Yet he is a member of the World Champions and there are already 6 other established starters on a team that only needs 5. 

This review has the least chance of being accurate, but I promised you I would give you the hard truth as I see it.  So here goes

Here is a man that owns the Major League record for consecutive batters faced.  In addition to that he came one strike from pitching a perfect game.  Either one of those facts would be enough to get a pitcher a slot on almost any team in baseball.  On the Giants that doesn't even guarantee him the long reliever spot.  You want my cold hard prediction?  I believe that either one of the starters gets injured or falters so Petit can get a shot, or in lieu of that shot I see some team taking a run at him somewhere near the trade deadline.  My prediction is he goes to a contender who thinks they are one arm away, maybe in a package with Matt Duffy, for a bat with some pop.  I say Duffy only because it seems like Joe Panik has a stranglehold on the second base job and Duffy intrigues me.  He might have some general manager out there thinking he wants to give him a shot.

Giants Starting Position Players

C - Buster Posey
1B- Brandon Belt
2B- Joe Panik
SS- Brandon Crawford
3B- Casey McGehee
LF- Nori Aoki/Gregor Blanco
CF- Angel Pagan
RF- Hunter Pence

I think I might want to have this page be more of a hub from which to go to each players individual page.  Since we are still building out you will see new links appear as we grow.  If you have any suggestions please contact us at  We welcome your feedback! 

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