Giants Bobbleheads in stock

The purchase of these Giants Bobbleheads gives you the opportunity to help those that can't afford Major League Baseball for themselves.  Here at the Truefan Foundation we strive to simultaneously be the easiest way to get the Bobbleheads you are looking for at the best price you can find, AND in so doing also create a situation where families can see the games live instead of on TV

For now, the price on these Giants Bobbleheads is better than the price we are able to find elsewhere.  Barely better, but still better.  In time, as we become 501(c)(3) accredited, our prices should change to become the undisputed low price DOMINATOR.  For now we do have debt to cover and we have not begun to search for any corporate money so we are limited in what we can afford.  But it will ALWAYS be our mission to find a better deal for the fans. 

Buster Posey 2012 NL MVP Bobblehead Given out     April 6th, 2013 

Buster Posey  Courageous Catcherman from 2014 Heroes and Comics day

Which Posey

Buster Posey ROY  Bobblehead from             July 10, 2011

Elvis Presley Bobblehead from Sept 9th, 2013

Law Enforcement Appreciation Night Bobblehead from 2014

Elvis Law or Leonard

      Jeffrey Leonard 2013 Breast Cancer Awareness Bobblehead 

Chinese Heritage night from       2013  Year of the Snake

Irish Heritage night Lou Seal Bobblehead

Ross Huff or Vogie

Japanese Heritage Night 2014  Masonori Murakami Bust

Cody Ross Bobblehead from June 4th, 2011

Aubrey Huff Bobblehead from June 25th, 2011

Ross Huff or Vogie

Ryan Vogelsong Bobblehead from June 22, 2013

These are now live and MANY others will have links up soon.  Thank you for your patience and bear with us as we build the site from scratch with no previous website building experience.  I welcome your feedback and suggestions.  Send all  input to for now.

Update!  We have links up!!!  Giants Bobbleheads live!        The first purchase to come through one of those links will receive a SURPRISE BONUS included in their package.  Thank you for your support.  Until further notice there is also the added benefit of only $1.00 shipping. 

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