The 2016 Oakland Athletics

    The Truefan Foundation is excited to welcome the 2016 Oakland Athletics back for another year of major league baseball to their great fans.  We here at the Truefan Foundation feel the excitement and optimism that we are blessed as fans to experience.  The first week of the season is behind us and as I write this on April 12th, your 2016 Oakland Athletics are in first place in the American League West.

As I look at the roster it is hard to say I have total confidence, but first place is first place and for now we celebrate.  The A's are taking on the Angels again tonight and hope to gain the victory to stay at the top of the division.  This weekend the defending World Series champion Kansas City Royals come to the Coliseum for a 3 game set.  If the A's can put together a strong week against those Angels and Royals it will do a lot to help build a little more confidence going forward. 

Here are some of the highlights for this weekends Oakland Athletics series vs the Kansas City Royals?

These 2 guys are always going to be highlights for fans of the 2016 Oakland Athletics but this weekend for sure.  We all love seeing Sonny Gray on the mound and he should be pitching either Saturday or Sunday (most likely Sunday).  On Saturday April 16th it is Stephen Vogt 1981 Jersey day.  Make sure to show up early if you want to get one.

This is also the first home weekend series for the 2016 Oakland Athletics and that means the first Comcast sponsored Authentic Fan Friday will be taking place in the value deck.  If you don't know what I mean I have to wonder about you.  Authentic Fan Friday is THE BEST VALUE in Major Baseball in my opinion!  You get a ticket to the game of course.  On that ticket is $6 of concession value to buy some food or a beer or something from the team store, it is your choice to spend that money as you like.  On Fridays that value is enhanced still further by virtue of the amazing people of Comcast!  Every Friday fans with tickets in the value deck get something free included.  It changes every Friday and I have yet to see what they are giving out for the Royals game but it is always something great. Hats, T-shirts, Socks, Banners just to name a few are some of the things I have gotten over the years for Authentic Fan Friday.  Each one identifies you as a true A's fan too.  If you want to get some of the goodies then contact me, I do have tickets available.  How do you contact me you ask?  Look at the top of the page.  There is a link called Contact.  Click it.  My info is there.

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