Welcome back to the 2016 Giants

The offseaon has been very busy so let's get straight to the 2016 Giants.  Plenty of moves to talk about.  The signings of some big names who are expected to carry some serious load.  Jeff Samardzija, Johnny Cueto, and Denard Span are the key additions.  Joe Panik's back issues seem to be less of a concern.  Timmy, it seems, is a part of Giant's history now and he will be sorely missed.  How will Matt Cain be in his quest to bounce back from a very frustrating 2015?  These are all topics for the 2016 Giants and I look forward to bringing you as much insightful info as possible on all those subjects and more.

For now though I will try to simply give you some of what I see as the high lights of the season.  Many people asked me if I am going to continue with the free tickets for families.  Of course I am.  Do I love the game, duh?  I think It would be nice if I could give you and your family a night of Giants baseball this year.  Do I have your attention?  Yes I want to share an evening (or a day) of Giants baseball, live at AT&T Park this year with you and your family.  If you want to take advantage of this offer please go to the form below and tell me a little about yourself.

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How is that for a highlight!  Free 2016 Giants Baseball

There are so many highlights this year that I realize I just don't have time right now to cover the subject with the passion it deserves so I am going to leave you for now, but I promise I will be back and do my best to keep you informed on my insights for the 2016 Giants.  The most important piece of info for today is I have tickets to both of the exhibition games against the A's.  They are limited but I want to give them away.  Fill out the form today to get them tomorrow.  That's right TOMORROW Thursday March 31st  the Giants play the A's at AT&T park.  I have tickets I want to give away for free.  Interested?  Fill out the form.

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