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The Mission of
The Truefan Foundation

The mission of the Truefan Foundation for is to give financially disadvantaged children and their families the opportunity to go to Major League Baseball games for free. 

There is nothing like the first time a child sees a Major League baseball field.  The way the grass is cut so perfectly is almost magical.  It is my belief that you have to get to your first game early enough that you can see the players warming up on the field prior to the game.  The athletic feats of the players are amazing and if all you see is their images on TV it can seem impossible.  Getting there early can make the experience seem a little more human.  Now, let's say you are a parent, and you are at the first game you have been able to bring your family to, and you are there early and just chilling, watching batting practice with your kid.  That child is watching these kings of the sport running around, laughing with their teammates and seemingly just throwing the ball around.  Some players are totally focused on getting ready while some are just chatting with their buddy.  It is so much more humanizing than if you show up right before the National Anthem and all you see is the players in their game-time completely focused mode.  It is in those relaxing moments before the games that a child's dream that he might someday be one of those guys on the field, might be born.  Keeping dreams alive, one game at a time.               I think that might be our new and first "Motto".  Providing a day of baseball is how we will try to do our part.

What benefits are provided by
The Truefan Foundation?


We provide tickets for both the Giants and the Athletics.   Usually at a price that can't be beat.

Promo items

We offer the goodies that are available at the ball games.  If you cannot make it to the game to get the item yourself you can usually find it here.


We will strive to give you the information you need to fulfill your passions as a fan.  You will at the very least find out what my passions are as a fan.  I do nothing to hide my opinions.

Why start The Truefan Foundation?

I am often asked why I do it?  My source of income has always been in the service industry.  I am a waiter to be specific.  Thus the concept of providing excellent service and being rewarded with an income is deeply ingrained in me.  As a waiter, the concept that the better the service the better the compensation is automatically made crystal clear.  I've always heard and loved the quote, "Do what you love and you will never have to work a day in your life."  I have taken great pleasure from parts of my job as a waiter.  My career has spanned over 30 years and basically took place in only two buildings.  The personal interaction I have been blessed to have with the many regular customers was/is fantastic for me.  Watching kids grow from baby to, well some of them are raising their own babies now has been a joy to witness.  That's how long I've been working in the community.  But being a waiter was never my idea of a career goal and saying I LOVED it might be stretching the truth a bit.  So I have taken the concept of providing service,  and combined it with doing something I truly love and The Truefan Foundation was born.  Now by taking my lifetime of experience, combining it with my love for baseball and using it to provide the best service I can, I hope to show the children that there is nothing that is impossible if you are willing to work hard and you dare to dream.

How did The Truefan Foundation come to be?

This is the Bobblehead that started everything you see here.  It was given out on Mother's Day 1999.  When I heard about it I had to get one.  Thank goodness I did!

That beautiful little doll was something I had to have.  I was not alone and that is one reason you see all that you see here.

Thank you Willie!

How did we figure all this stuff out?  I was a young father of four young children and I was the only member of the family making any money.  It was not exactly fast lane corporate money either, if you know what I mean.  We didn't go very often, but baseball was something I just couldn't get away from, even if I wanted to, which I most certainly did not!  So I did my research and found whatever coupons and deals I could to enable us to be able to attend the game I love.  Forward to 1999 and I see that there is going to be a giveaway at Candlestick Park.  A Willie Mays Bobblehead!  I was and remain to this day a completely obsessed collector.  Willie Mays is my favorite Baseball player of all time.  So we, as a family went to the game and got his bobblehead.  I loved it and had a bunch of extras in case it broke.  Great!  Taking a separate angle to get to the same point, I need to point out that I am one of the few guys whose mother never threw out his baseball cards.  A few months after the Mothers Day game I am on eBay searching for another Willie Mays baseball card to fill my collection .  What do I find?  A picture of the bobblehead of Willie Mays that is sitting on my shelf.  How much does this guy want for it?  $200!!!!  BOOM!  A seed of an idea came into being.  That seed has grown to become The Truefan Foundation.  Over the years I developed and refined the strategies that would enable me to attend games at zero cost, sometimes I would even find myself making money going to games.  The process I was using to get to break even was extremely limited, however.  In the end, someone had to pay the bill.  That someone was the Bobblehead buyer.  I had created a situation where families could see the game for free, Win!  I had also created a way for Bobblehead fans to get their bobbles for a little less than elsewhere.  That part was good, but the way it all worked was not good enough for me.  It has always been my policy to make win/win situations for every player in the equation.  So in order to solve the problem of how to make this my occupation and not just my hobby, I had to figure out how to improve the way it worked. 

How does The Truefan Foundation improve now?

While it is true we have been providing these games to fans for years, having to watch the disappointment in the faces of kids who would like to have kept the goodie that was the source of the money that funded the whole program was a MAJOR down-side.  So much of a down-side that I would often let the family keep one.  That was money straight out of my pocket.  But I have always had a soft spot for the kids, without that part of my personality this whole concept would not exist!  So I had to figure out how to make it possible for those young fans, many of whom have never been to a game before and might not be able to get back again, to always be able to keep their souvenir too.  The solution I have found after seemingly endless research makes it possible for that to happen (for the children at least).  Our goal is to provide better value for EVERY fan, no matter what it is they are a fan of, with a more affordable way to get what it is they are passionate about.  It was only by altering my equation that a viable solution presented itself.  WIN/WIN was not going to be good enough.  It was going to take a third party.  It had to be a WIN/WIN/WIN to work.  That third WINNER had to have 3 things in place.  Number one, MONEY!  Number two, they had to have an appreciation for what we are trying to do.  Number three, and this one was the toughest for me to come up with, they had to have a reason to help.  I believe The Truefan Foundation provides everyone with an opportunity to help.  So it's time to move forward and make this dream a reality.  In doing so The Truefan Foundation will show every child who attends with us that they CAN make their dreams a reality. 

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